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A 22-year-old young man who was dedicated to fishing in Tojahui beaches in the municipality of Huatabampo in southern Sonora, He lost his life after being attacked by a shark.

According to information from the State Coordination of Civil Protection in Sonora (CEPC), announced that it is working with municipal authorities of Huatabampo to reiterate the calls for prevention to fishermen.

This before him shark attack which unfortunately left a 22-year-old person who was dedicated to fishing dead.

It is worth mentioning that the fisherman, lost his life in a shark attack when I was fishing for scallops this Friday afternoon, in front of the Tojahui beach.

For this reason, the fisherman’s body was taken by his companions to the Yavaros dock, who is presumed to have carried out said activity freely and It did not have an anti-shark repellent bracelet.

In this situation, Civil protection together with municipal authorities, has insisted on calling on fishermen to coordinate with Sagarhpa to be duly registered and have the necessary preventive measures to carry out their activities.

For its part of the Secretary of Agriculture and Livestock in Sonora, They confirmed that the young man did not have the corresponding permit, so he lacked an anti-shark repellent bracelet or safety equipment.

They indicated that during this year they have delivered about 100 bracelets to different regions of the fishing activity in Sonora.

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It was last October when the authorities, They delivered 35 bracelets shark repellents to Kino producers, previously the state agency delivered 41 bracelets to those of Yavaros, Benito Juárez and Guaymasand soon the producers of Puerto Peñasco.

This is because from 2022 to 2023 there have been registered five fatal shark attacks on divers who carried out scallop fishing in the open sea of Yavaros and Puerto Peñascoalso in the Tóbari Bay in the municipality of Benito Juárezin addition to sightings in other municipalities on the Sonoran coast.

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