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Recreating the atmosphere of a religious temple through the effects of light has been the challenge this year for Gina Diez Barroso and Rodrigo Fernández who demonstrate once again that through design it is possible to transform a space into the perfect refuge.

This is part of the fifth edition of the project Maison Diez Companywhich annually presents the latest trends in lighting created by the most recognized international and national brands and which opens its doors to the public from November 10 to March 31, 2024.

For the second time, the headquarters was located in a mansion in the San Miguel Chapultepec neighborhoodwhere a thousand square meters of construction were converted into a church, offering attendees an unimaginable experience.

“Same locationa new scenario and challengewe break up paradigms to create a space never seen before, challenging the public assistant who allows himself to be surprised and amazed, this is an example that transformation is possible, even in sacred places, light is the perspective of everything and the language of what you want to transmit,” Rodrigo mentioned.

Under the name of Baroquethe 2023 edition seeks to become a cultural experience, which is why the firm entered into an alliance with the Spanish company Santa & Cole for the use of archival images of art pieces exhibited in the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum. In this way, the event shows for the first time, replicas of paintings made by artists of the stature of Velázquez, Caravaggio, Rubens, Sweerts, Cranach and Christus.

“Are baroque masterpieces in which light is the soul that gives life and meaning to each canvas. Through the magic of light, artists transport us to a world of emotions and spirituality and use it to highlight contrasts and create captivating atmospheres,” Fernández explained.

For its part, Gina Diez Barrosowho is founder of Ten Companya company dedicated to providing the necessary tools to design, develop and carry out all types of lighting projects, shared what was its inspiration to enter this industry 17 years ago.

“Something important about this project is that we are making a tribute to lighting, it is a museum of lightwe are putting to Mexico in the world, we present new things from all over the world and we are changing the perspective of design, since lighting was used as an additional thing in the design of any space, but now it is a fundamental part,” explained the businesswoman.

The idea of ​​creating Maison Diez Company, It emerged in 2018 to generate an ephemeral experience with a different concept year after year, and intervene in different spaces in the city, so that they were transformed with the most avant-garde lighting proposals.

“This sanctuary of light as I call it, we created it five years ago, due to the disagreement that we both saw in this industry, not finding a high quality lighting design event in the Mexico City similar to those in big cities like NY either Milanand seeing the potential that exists in our country we decided to undertake this project,” explained Fernández.

Likewise, he urged that as Mexicans we need to recognize our own talents and the achievements we are having. “I think we have a serious problem in recognizing what we are capable of doing, we are putting Mexico in the world in all industries, talent exists, what is missing is discovering it and supporting it, my message to young people is that it is worth a lot It’s worth knowing everything this country does.”

Gina Diez Barroso receives the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023

Ten Barrosowho is also founder of Diarq Groupa construction and design company with a presence in Mexico and the United Stateswas recognized with the EY Entrepreneur of the Year 2023a prestigious award that celebrates the most outstanding business talent in our country and makes her the first Mexican woman to obtain it.

This award was given to her in recognition of her commitment to education, women and society with Dalia Empower, a project that helps women achieve their goals through mentoring programs and support networks.

“It was an honor to receive it and a privilege, since I am the first woman in obtaining it. It is a great responsibility because now I am women’s ambassador Mexicans and this reaffirms my commitment to them, to give them the education to achieve their goals and remind them that no one empowers them, only themselves; They need to believe it to be what they want to be, no one takes power away from them,” she concluded.

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