Golden Scorpion jumps to television with “The 1% circle” – El Sol de México

With more than nine million subscribers in Youtube Alex Montiel Golden Scorpion jump to the television national open hosting the new game show “The Circle of 1%”, with a first season of 52 broadcasts every Sunday starting in June Aztec One.

Adrian OrtegaGeneral Director of Content TV AztecaAlejandro Esquivel, director of Entertainment and special events, as well as Jacky Castro, executive director of Sony, gave the start of the event. game show Sunday.

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He Golden Scorpion He stated that he is not worried if he achieves a good rating throughout the 52 Sundays agreed for the first season of “The Circle of 1%”, Well, that’s not your job; “My thing is to go on a rampage, drive the program and the consequence is that people get involved little by little. This is the first season and maybe in a few years we will be talking about this concept that united families and that can transcend time,” he answers the question of The Sun of Mexico.

“The God of the Internet”, as he calls himself, claims that doing television is basically the same thing he does on his video channel. “Before, the Internet was classified as being for kids, but we have had 20 years to become familiar with it; Teenagers only consumed YouTube and social networks, but today, all members of a family use it on their cell phones.

“Everyone has learned to use the Internet, the current audience is no longer the same as it was two decades ago, the audience is now super diverse,” he notes in the interview after the presentation of the program.

“I have looked into the television for many years, perhaps as a guest, now I return to TV Azteca and being in this position is the consequence of what I have been building for so many years,” he adds.

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Adrián Ortega explained that the program is based on a format of the BBC, which is replicated in more than 10 countries; “We transformed it and adapted it to the Mexican, Latin style with a very powerful host.”


In “The 1% circle” There will be 100 participants and only one will be able to win the prize of 100 thousand pesos, it is a game of mental agility in which the winner is not the one with the greatest knowledge, he explains. Golden Scorpion. “It’s about how you think and how you use logic, there will be tricks to find out how much you use logic, because no matter your age, no matter what job or profession you have, this contest concept is tailored to me, it will make me live with five thousand 200 people throughout the season. That is, for each program we will have 100 participants and I will make the coexistence great, because the questions are fun, dynamic and very tricky, and they will also earn money.”

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