Government of CDMX investigates cause of water contamination in Benito Juárez: AMLO – El Sol de México

The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that the origin of the contamination of the Alfonso XIII well is still unknown. that supplies water to the Benito Juárez mayor’s office in Mexico City and said that work is being done to determine what affected the well.

“The well was reached where these chemicals are, but it is not known, I believe that today what causes this contamination is being fed, for now it was closed and some companies that are nearby were also closed, and A pipeline that passes near Del Pozo was also detected and all of Pemex’s underground facilities are being reviewed and nothing has been found so far,” López Obrador reported.

The federal president explained that since the complaints were received from the residents of Benito Juárez, the government of Mexico City has been working to solve the problem.

The first thing in this case is the protection of the civilian population, that an explosion is not going to occur, because of what is in the drainage such as hydrocarbons, that is the first thing, that it is not a tragic matter.declared the President.

López Obrador did not rule out the presence of a clandestine takeover, However, he insisted that the investigations be concluded.

“There has been nothing of that, all the studies are being done, we are pending and as is also natural due to the ‘hot’ season (electoral context) and they take advantage of the issue,” he said.

In addition, he emphasized that there is no element to define that it was sabotage to contaminate the well and assured that the neighbors will soon have a solution to this problem.

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“What do we have to do, protect them and solve the problem,” said López Obrador in his morning conference at the National Palace.

At the beginning of April 2024, residents of the Benito Juárez mayor’s office began to report that the water that reached their homes had a gasoline smell. The government of Mexico City said that it was a substance from the oil family, however, so far it is not clear what substance is contaminating the water from the Alfonso XIII well.

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