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What seemed like it was going to be a first world spectacle with the GP Las Vegasbecame a disaster in a matter of hours.

Although things were a little tense in the Formula 1after there were many dissatisfied with the Big prize, everything got worse. Just in practice one of the street circuit on the streets of ‘Sin City’, there were problems.

It was the first few minutes that the pilots were testing their vehicles on the streets of Las Vegas, when it was interrupted. The problem was caused by a sewer that became unclogged and damaged the truck. Carlos Sainz.

With nine minutes of practice one, it had to be cancelled, which generated a lot of disappointment in those in attendance.

The second practice could be carried out normally, but with an extra ingredient. Now a time of 90 minutes was given for this, when the normal thing is for them to run for an hour.

The decision was questioned, but in the end it was made this way. There came another problem for those attending the event. As this was delayed and more time was given, fans were not able to finish watching practice two. The issue is that the organizers had a time limit to get everything in order because it was a street circuit.

GP Las Vegas has not been successful

It was expected that the race on the call’Sin City’ It was one of the best on the calendar, but it was not like that. Not only the problems already at the event, since for days a low demand.

It started with the tickets, they went from being the most expensive on the calendar to be significantly reduced. They report that prices have dropped by up to 60 percent of its original price.

Likewise, it is reported that hotel occupancy is not what was expected. According to CNN, accommodation also went down, mainly in hotels near the route planned for the GP in Las Vegas.

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