In Sinaloa, there are 3 chickens per inhabitant, says Inegi – El Sol de México

According to the last and recent agricultural census of the National Institute of Statistics, Geography and Informatics (Inegi), in Sinaloa they have 17 million 441 thousand 824 heads of roosters, hens and chickens, which represents an indicator of three heads per inhabitant.

The results of the census agricultural 2022 Inegi They were published this Tuesday, November 21, after 15 years of not having been carried out, since their last exercise dates back to 2007.

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In this sense, the results show that the greatest number of livestock production It is roosters, hens and chickenswhile the cattle They occupy second place with 945 thousand 574 heads and thirdly, pigs with 181 thousand 660 heads.

These results correspond to the cut of figures of the September 15, 2022.

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An important fact is that a quarter of livestock workers in Sinaloa are women. This is a percentage higher than the national average, which is 16 percent and in Sinaloa it is from 24 percent.

In turn, the 33 percent of workers are older than 65 years old, That is, the work is largely made up of elderly people.

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