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Things are more than tense at the INAI, Blanca Lilia Ibarraafter the scandal revived over the use of a corporate card to pay expenses at a table dance. Those who know say that the resignation of the then commissioners involved will not be enough, Oscar Guerra and Eugenio Monterrey, who currently worked as secretaries at the transparency institute. The case could reach an acting commissioner for also being present that night in 2014, it is about Adrian Alcalá Mendezwho at the time of the spree served as Secretary of Access to Information.

In the shadow…

In a significant advance for gender equality in professional sports, the Senate of the Republic of Mexico has taken an important step by approving reforms to the Labor Law that seek to equalize the salaries of women and men professional athletes. With 33 votes in favor and one against, the United Commissions for Labor and Social Welfare, for Gender Equality and for Legislative Studies, Second, supported these reforms, highlighting a paradigmatic change in the country’s sports industry.


The senator Kenia López Rabadán, in an act of obvious disagreement, left the session, demanding greater inclusion of affected voices in the dialogue. Her request to postpone the approval of the opinion, based on a letter from the president of the Liga MX Femenil, Mariana Gutiérrez Bernárdez, highlighted the need for an open parliament to consider concerns about the viability of the league under the new reforms. This request for a more inclusive and considered approach was, however, rejected by the majority, sparking controversy and underlining political divisions over an issue of national importance. This rejection not only highlights existing tensions, but also raises questions about the Senate’s true willingness to address the concerns of those directly involved in the world of women’s professional sports. And of course, the bosses who pay.


That the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, did hold a private meeting with the Conference of the Mexican Episcopate (CEM), marking his first meeting with senior Catholic hierarchs since 2021. During the meeting he addressed crucial issues such as peacebuilding and attention to the humanitarian problem of migration in Mexico. The truth is that, according to those in the know, the parents were afraid to ask and complain, although for days some have been planning to directly question the president about what they consider is not being done well in the country. But in the end, they were afraid and came out grateful because it did come.


In the midst of the political effervescence that Nuevo León is experiencing, where the governor Samuel Garcia He will leave his position to seek the Presidency of the country, there are those in his cabinet who remain focused on helping the victims of Acapulco. Hence, together with local companies, they collected and transported 20 tons of groceries that have been delivered since last weekend to Guerrero families. In detail, the collection was coordinated by the entity’s Secretary of Equality and Inclusion, Martha Patricia Herrera; while the transfer was carried out by emblematic companies in that area. We don’t say names, not even that it was commercial.

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