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Deputies of the National Action Party spoke out against an initiative presented by Morena, which seeks to reform the laws of Social Security, ISSSTE, as well as Infonavit, with the objective that the resources of the workers’ Afores be directed to a public trust. The purpose of this trust would be to finance the increase in pensions proposed by the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador. The PAN bench, led by Jorge Romero, described Morena’s proposal as “confiscatory” and announced that they will not support said proposal. They argued that the initiative seeks to use workers’ resources, considered private capital, for a public fund.

In the shadow…

The proposal in question is coordinated by Ignacio Mier Velasco and the deputy Angelica Ivonne Cisneros. However, the PAN argues that this initiative is contrary to previous statements by Lopez Obradorwho had assured that workers’ savings would not be touched to increase the amount of pensions.


The Mier and Cisneros initiative also proposes using the resources of unclaimed Afores accounts after the age of 70, which was not contemplated in the original proposal sent by Lopez Obrador. The reform presented by the Morenista leader has been turned over to the Social Security, Treasury and Public Credit, and Budget and Public Accounts commissions for analysis.


In this space we informed you a few days ago that the Morenoist candidate for deputy Bayardo Ojeda had begun to ask for a cross vote in Yucatán so that the votes of Congress and the Presidency would favor the 4T, but in the governorship the opposition alliance will be supported. Well, they update us that the aforementioned character began to receive death threats after that statement. In detail, the threats have arrived through telephone calls, courier services and even at your personal home, so Ojeda Marrufo He already went to the authorities to file the corresponding complaints.


Insiders say that the president of the Temporary Debates Commission of the INE, Carla Humphrey, has launched “operation distraction” to try to distance itself from the obvious production and technical errors that occurred in the First Presidential Debate last Sunday. Mrs humphreywith the protagonism that characterizes him, entered a dizzying roadshow media to blame others for a process, the supervision of which falls under his responsibility and that of the other members of said Commission, such as Dania Ravel, Claudia Zavala, Martín Faz and Jorge Montaño.


That the night is coming for Nestlé, whose Board of Directors in Mexico he presides Fausto Costaand it is that Luis Armando Melgar, who is seeking a position in the Senate with the PVEM, presented this Wednesday, April 10, a report on the abuses against Mexican coffee producers from Chiapas, since given the predominance of the Swiss company they have been exposed to prices that do not allow them to maintain productive lands, and that has even led to widespread impoverishment, an ingredient to which is added that they are forced to plant robust varieties instead of Arabica, which has led to losses of biodiversity and declines in the quality of the grain born in the entity. Will those affected be compensated?

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