Increase in highway toll fees is below inflation; Acapulco is exempt – El Sol de México

The increase in the toll fee on the roads of Federal Roads and Bridges (Capufe)before the long weekend next weekend will not be “above inflation, none,” the president announced Andrés Manuel López Obrador, at the same time he said that the road towards Acapulco It will remain unpaid to continue supporting the entity.

Before, media representatives asked him about the announced increase in the payment of booths on the country’s highways, and there López Obrador emphasized that the highway to Acapulco is excluded from the charge. “There is no charge nor will it be charged… it is free.”

Regarding the challenge of the country’s highway network, he emphasized that the increase will be “3 percent, it is less than inflation… Acapulco does not enter into that.”

He took the opportunity to reiterate that his government is “helping Acapulco like never before and we will continue doing so.”

He commented that it is no longer like previous governments where the money now reaches the victims directly and before there was a lot of corruption, but now it is distributed among the people.

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“It’s very simple, there are governments that give and governments that take away, our government is one of those that give to the people, not take from them.”


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