INE will consider giving immediate protection to threatened candidates – El Sol de México

After a meeting with electoral advisors, deputies who make up the Commission for the Surveillance of Electoral Processes assured that the National Electoral Institute (INE) undertook to bring to the Security Desk his proposal that the candidate protection is granted immediately and without being subject to risk analysisthis to avoid wasting time on bureaucratic procedures.

Reginaldo Sandovalvice coordinator of the PT bench, indicated that the adjustments to the protection protocol were put on the table and the advisors They agreed to bring their concerns to the Secretariat of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), institution in charge of assigning security measures.

“For the protocol to work, it is established that the request must reach this organization (INE), then this organization turns it over to the security authorities and while the level of risk that the candidate level has is evaluated, well A little time is lost, which is what happened to us in the Celaya issue.”.

“They have communication with the security authorities, they are going to do it too and together with us They will try to intervene as soon as the complaint arrives and then carry out the evaluation protocol. but now with the action protocol in place (…) The interventions I heard from the counselors are that this proposal and concern be taken up again,” he indicated.

Upon leaving the meeting, deputy Ivonne Ortega, from Movimiento Ciudadano, indicated that all the parties came together to request the INE to intervene for the electoral candidates before the security authorities.

“Today, all the parties were at a historic event with will, without debate, with a willingness to generate the conditions that guarantee the lives of our candidates but also of INE officials,” he said.

Reginaldo Sandoval said that security is one of the main concerns in the current electoral process, since more and more candidates are requesting protection. The legislator indicated that even the INE has received 200 requests for protection, of which 160 correspond to candidates for a federal deputyship.

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