Investigation reveals 19 thousand migrant smuggling trips in Mexico between 2018-2023 – El Sol de México

He International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ, from its acronym in English) counts 19 thousand people migrants who crossed Mexico camouflaged in cargo trucks between 2018 and 2023, during part of the president’s six-year term, Andrés Manuel López Obradoraccording to a report released this Thursday.

This is revealed in the report “From Chiapas to Tamaulipas, a new database maps thousands of dangerous trips made by migrants throughout Mexico in trailer trucks”, prepared in collaboration with the television program Noticias Telemundo and the Latin American Center for Journalist Research (CLIP)among other organizations.

“The reporters also created a database listing more than 170 trucks that transported migrants and that were inspected, detained, crashed or abandoned between 2018 and 2023,” the article details.

In this period, “about 19 thousand people, including more than 3,200 minors, were traveling in the trucks” identified thanks, mainly, to public reports, news in the media and reports from a support group.

However, the ICIJ adds that, due to the “varying quality of the information” and the late official records, the mexican government began counting cases in 2022, “the data only reveals a small portion of this human smuggling.”

He reportage has the testimony of people who survived a trip of these characteristics to reach the border with USAas well as migrant rights advocates and Mexican government officials.

According to these figures, 111 people migrants among those identified died due to exposure to high temperatures or lack of oxygen.

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The organization exposes cases that illustrate this reality: in March 2019, a trailer with 80 migrants inside overturned in Chiapas, causing the death of 23 of them, and, in 2022, the authorities rescued an abandoned truck in Coahuila with 64 people inside, who did not have access to water or ventilation.

In this sense, the ICIJ warns that the organized crime operates “with impunity,” despite the fact that the Freight transport should be “heavily regulated.”

“Today, it is estimated that the smuggling business generates billions of dollars a year for the cartels,” he denounces.

Mexico, a “vertical border”

The report defines Mexico as a “vertical border”, in the words of the director of the Institute for Women in Migration, Gretchen Kuhner, since immigration inspections not only occur at the entry points to the country, but “they can happen anywhere.”

“In 2022, the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN) declared this practice unconstitutional after three racially discriminated against indigenous brothers sued, but this did not stop the phenomenon,” the text adds.

For Kuhner, this is one of the reasons that leads migrants to seek other “clandestine” ways of traveling, which also allows the country to “flourish.” organized crime that traffics people because it offers them to “dodge” the immigration controls.

The push towards “dangerous and often deadly” ways of migrating was also favored by the “toughening” of the immigration policies of the Mexican government, headed by López Obrador since 2018, in response to the “pressures” of USA.

Although at first the current authorities were characterized by “granting thousands of humanitarian visas” to migrants, the trend was quickly reversed.

“He (López Obrador) soon changed course under pressure from the administration of donald trumpwhich threatened to increase tariffs on Mexican imports,” he laments.

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