Iowa signs law to arrest previously deported immigrants – El Sol de México

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, Republican signed an anti-immigrant law this Wednesday that allows the Police of that state to arrest undocumented immigrants who have been denied entry to the United States or previously deported.

With the approval of state measure SF 2340, Iowa joins other red states like Texas and Florida that have issued laws against undocumented immigration.

The law would allow the arrest of immigrants who have been deported from the country or have been denied entry and would force that state’s police to verify that foreigners are expelled from the United States again.

In a statement, Reynolds attacked the President Joe Biden’s administration and their immigration policies as part of their arguments to support the measure.

“Those who enter our country illegally have broken the law, but Biden refuses to deport them. “This bill gives Iowa authorities the power to do what he is not willing to do: enforce the immigration laws that are already in effect,” the Republican added.

Immigrant advocates protested the measure that will come into effect on July 1.

Reynolds is among the governors who support his Texas counterpart, the Republican Greg Abbott, in his challenge to the Democratic Administration.

Biden has supported a bipartisan bill that would allow restricting the asylum system to contain the irregular entry of migrants through the country’s southwest border.

But Republicans in Congress refused to debate the proposal after former president and Republican candidate Donald Trump attacked the measure.

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Reynolds has traveled to the Texas-Mexico border several times and deployed Iowa National Guard soldiers and state Department of Public Safety police to the border.

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