Israel and Hamas reach a provisional agreement to end the conflict: The Washington Post – El Sol de México

Israel, Hamas authorities and the United States reached an agreement to provisionally stop the conflict in the Gaza Strip in exchange for releasing dozens of hostages held in Palestinian territory and starting a five-day pause in fighting, reported the American media The Washington. Post.

The agreement contemplates the release of at least 50 hostages captured since the beginning of the conflict on November 7 by the Islamist group Hamas and would be handed over to Israel within 24 hours. According to the newspaper, it is not clear who of the 239 hostages would be released and They would be monitored under aerial surveillance.

In exchange, Hamas would have a five-day pause in fighting, allowing a significant increase in the flow of humanitarian assistance and fuel across the border into Egypt.

According to The Washington Post, the agreement was reached during talks in Qatar between those involved, with the mediation of the United States and Qatari delegates, although Israel has refused to comment on the pact.

According to anonymous sources cited by the media, Israel faces a difficult decision to recognize the agreement, since it faces strong internal pressure for the release of the hostages, but there is another sector in its government that demands that it not negotiate with the group considered terrorist by the Hebrew State.

The agreement also does not make clear when the truce could begin, nor when the release of the hostages would begin.

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