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The Israeli War Cabinet authorized the daily entry of two trucks with fuel to the Gaza Stripto “attend to the request of USA“Israeli officials announced this Friday.

“The cabinet unanimously approved […] the entry of two tanker trucks with fuel per day, for the needs of the UN intended to support water and sewage infrastructure […]provided that they do not reach Hamas“those responsible indicated in a statement.

The international community has been pressuring Israel for weeks to allow the entry of fuel into Gaza, also necessary for the generation of electricity and the operation of many other basic civil services, such as hospitals.

The source stressed that this measure “allows Israel to continue having the international space for maneuver necessary to eliminate Hamas”.

In addition, he explained that “the tankers will pass through the Rafah crossing, through the UN, towards the civilian population in the south of the Gaza Stripas long as it does not reach Hamas“.

The Israeli source told Efe today that “this action aims, among other things, to minimally support the water, sewage and sanitation systemsto prevent the outbreak of epidemics that could spread throughout the area, harm both the residents of the Strip and our forces, and even spread to Israel.”

This announcement coincides with the publication of information by Egyptian media about the entry today of around 150 thousand liters of fuel intended for hospitals, which entered through the Rafah border crossing, which connects the Strip with Egypt.

Egyptian television channels Al Qahera News and Extra Newsclose to the Egyptian Government, stated that “about 150 thousand liters of fuel entered from Rafah for hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

This same Friday, the representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the occupied Palestinian territories, Richard Peeperkornsaid that a mechanism for the entry of fuel into the Strip could begin to operate, which “must be continuous to guarantee the humanitarian operation.”

According to what he told the press through a videoconference, the continuity of this system must be guaranteed so that “the desalination, bakeries and telecommunications work again”, although he could not give details of the regularity of the supply or whether Israel will place conditions on the use of the fuel.

Also today, the UN Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) in the Gaza Strip warned that the increase in displaced people in the limited shelters has led to the spread of numerous diseases due to overcrowding and the limited capacity to provide services.

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“Overcrowding is causing a significant spread of diseases, including acute respiratory diseases and diarrhea, poses environmental and health problems and limits the Agency’s ability to provide services,” reported the UNRWA in his report on the situation in the Palestinian enclave.

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