Israel bombs Hezbollah targets in Lebanon amid border crossfire – El Sol de México

He Israeli Army attacked targets of the cluster Hezbollah in response to multiple projectile launches from the Lebanonon a new day of fire exchanges in the zone border.

The israeli militia reported today that his troops used “tanks, a fighter plane and a helicopter“to attack” infrastructure terrorist of Hezbollah in Lebanon” in response to launching of projectiles against several border communities and that caused a fire on a military base.

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Shortly after, he added a statement militaryplanes of the Israel Defense Forces They attacked “Hezbollah command centers and terrorist infrastructure.”

He Israeli Army He also announced that he registered an attempted attack from the Lebanon with three drones and another 25 shots of projectiles, some of which were intercepted by their air defense systems while others impacted unpopulated areas.

On the other hand, the israeli troops They attacked “a cell terrorist who was trying to launch missiles anti-tank“and another that, according to the spokesperson militarywas trying to infiltrate their territory.

These attacks mark a new day of violence in the border areawhere the armed clashes between Israel and Palestinian militias in Lebanon and Hezbollah have occurred daily since October 8, one day after the start of the war between the Israeli army and Hamas in Gazawhich has led to an escalation of tension throughout the region.

According to figures released yesterday by the Israeli Defense Minister Yoav GalantHezbollah has launched more than a thousand projectiles towards Israel from the current escalation of strain in the borderwhich is the most severe since the 2006 war between the Israeli Army and the Shiite group.

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Since the beginning of hostilities in the area, at least 103 deaths have been recorded: 10 in Israel -7 soldiers and 3 civilians- and at least 93 in the Lebanonincluding 72 members of Hezbollah8 members of palestinian militias and 13 civilians – among them a cameraman from the Reuters agency and three children.

These fire exchanges have also caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of residents of towns on both sides of the border.

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