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He israeli army ordered for the first time, since the war began, the evacuation of some southern communities of the Gaza Stripafter having forced displacement of over one million people from the northern half of the enclave to the south.

For your safety, you must evacuate immediately your place of residence and go to known shelters“the army urged in an airdropped leaflet addressed to the eastern communities of the Khan Younis governorate: Al Qarara, Khuzaa, Bani Suheila and Abasan, in the south of the enclave.

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“The actions of Hamas and the terrorist organizations They force the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) to act against them in their area of ​​residence. The IDF is not interested in harming you or your families,” the ballots state, as several residents of the area confirmed to EFE.

On October 13, when the war was one week old, the army ordered evacuation to the south of over one million Gazans from the northern part of the Strip – half of its population – before beginning its land incursion on that flank that has already taken it to Gaza City and is advancing towards the center of the enclave.

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That displacement, the greatest exodus of Palestinian population since the Nakba, has caused almost two million people to now be south of Wadi Gaza, a river that divides the enclave in the center.

For weeks the Army insisted that it was going to destroy all the “terrorist infrastructure” of Hamas in the north of the Strip, bombing by land, sea and air, and urged the population to move to the “safer” southern area, although attacks have also been recorded there, as well as in the “safe corridors” of evacuation.

In its message, the Army stressed that “anyone who is close to terrorists or their facilities puts their lives in danger,” and that “all homes used by terrorist organizations will be attacked.”

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“Acting in accordance with the IDF’s instructions prevents you, civilians, from harm,” the note closes.


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