It is time for a young man to arrive: Samuel García begins pre-campaign for the Presidency – El Sol de México

The Citizen Movement (MC) candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Samuel García, began his pre-campaign this Sunday, where he promised that he will send Morena to last place, while he will not dedicate another minute to the Broad Front for Mexico of his time.

“We started in second place in the polls because the front is already fried,” said the governor of Nuevo León.

The pre-campaign began on the side of the Esplanade of the Heroes, in the Macroplaza, a smaller space where his followers cheered him and shouted “President!”

In his message, Samuel García also pointed out that “Mexico needs a royal president who moves forward, who brings investments and takes Tesla to the entire country, who focuses on the girls and boys of Mexico. Mexico deserves the youngest candidate in the history of the country never elected,” he said.

He pointed out that in Mexico young people make up 60 percent of the population, who have always been ignored. “It is time for a young man to arrive to set the agenda for the future of Mexico,” she said.

The MC candidate, accompanied by his wife Mariana Rodríguez, recalled his beginnings in politics eight years ago, where he won the local council, the senatorship and the governorship, despite being told that it was not possible.

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