Jalisco will not lower its guard and the operations of the Armed Forces will continue: Enrique Alfaro – El Sol de México

After a violent week in Jaliscoin which it was murderedlast Monday, the soperational deputy director of the Zapopan Police; Thursday’s confrontation with blockades in Ocotlan and this Sunday’s ambush against elements of the Mexican Army, in Teocaltiche that took the life of three elements, are part of the reactions of the delinquency to the operational that are carried out in the entity and that have given results, assured the Governor Enrique Alfaro.

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Furthermore, he said that Jalisco will not lower the guard and the operational coordinated by the Armed forces will continue just like the security strategy.

By the way, this Tuesday classes will resume in the area of ​​the conflictby announcing that the authorities They have control of the zone and guarantees he welfare of the schoolchildren.

“We are all doing the job and understanding that Actions that have undertaken all the levels of governmentto face the delinquency, They have reactions like the ones we have seen. We are with a strategy that is working; the operation that began in Ocotlan and that has been carried out in some areas of Michoacanhas had these reactions.”

He leader rated as “coward” he attack against elements of the Armyin which they were used vehicles “monster” type of armor artisanal.

“The last thing, a cowardly ambush, a ambush against elements of the Armybut the presence of all the forces that are in the operational inter-institutional agreements are going to be maintained and we are going to continue doing our work and even facing acts like those we saw last weekend,” the governor said this Monday, at the end of the civic-military parade for the 113th anniversary of the beginning of the Revolution.

He stated that the position of facing the delinquency It will remain until the last day of his government.

“Do not slack off despite the hitsthat hurt, that they hurtthat generate worry in the population, but that is the route that has to be followed instead of doing nothing and here it was decided to address a fundamental issue and that will be the position until the last day of my government. We are not going to lower the guard“.

They will continue operations in Los Altos and La Ciénega

For his part, the Secretary of Public Security, Juan Bosco Pacheco, He pointed out that surveillance is maintained by the three levels of government both in the Ciénega region, as in the Altos, after the attacks perpetrated by criminal groups against state and federal authorities in the municipalities of Ocotlán and Teocalticherecorded on Thursday and Sunday respectively, with a balance of three National Guard officers deceased and three more injured.

He noted that personnel have been deployed in both Ocotlán and Teocaltiche to reinforce security in the area.

“We were on the lookout in the area of Ocotlan for the incident that occurred this week. The Teocaltiche event is very distant, however we already had strength on that side. As a result of the events in Ocotlán, we also had to deploy personnel from this side and now practically both areas are covered with personnel from the State Police, Road Police, Mexican Army and National Guard“. indicated,

Classes resume on Tuesday in Teocaltiche and Ocotlán

It will not be until this Tuesday when the activities will resume normally. classes in basic education in the municipalities of Ocotlán and Teocalticheafter the eclashes and blockades registered.

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“The classes We are going to do them this week in an ordinary way. We had planned school technical tips. We checked and they were all carried out. Tomorrow Tuesday all classes are ordinaryyes, they are on a regular basis,” said the secretary of Education in the entity, Juan Carlos Flores Miramontes.

He also indicated that they will continue to pay attention to the indications of the authorities in matters of security.

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