Jorge Álvarez Máynez accuses that in Puebla there are candidates linked to huachicol – El Sol de México

When going to the UPAEP to hold a forum with the student community, the presidential candidate of Citizen Movement (MC), Jorge Álvarez Máynezstated, without mentioning names, that in Puebla There are candidates related to the management of the huachicol and come from “the old politics.”

During the meeting with students, the emecista also criticized that his opponents, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo and Xóchitl Gálvez Ruizthey did not accept the invitation of the youths to present their proposals.

One of the doubts of the young people was regarding the proposal of the MC candidate regarding How is the public security system going to improve?

“What would I do, make an agreement, like they did previously, or act like nothing is happening?” asked a student from the UPAEP.

In response, the candidate He explained to the young people that charge for the right of apartment and the drug trafficking They are different things, and he took the opportunity to say that in Puebla there are flag bearers related to illicit activitieswithout delving into details.

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“Here, in Puebla, there are huachicolero candidates, from the old politics. A candidate comes to say, we are going to fight it but there are candidates like that. There is illegal financing in campaigns,” she said.

In a later interview, he got involved in saying “you know them”, without mentioning more. Separately, the candidate for governor, Fernando Morales Martínezmade reference to Guadalupe Martinezdaughter of Antonio Martínez Fuenteswho they point out as “el Toñín”, who has been identified as an alleged huachicolero: “Eduardo Rivera’s allies, those of the PSI, in the red triangle”.

From 10:30 in the morning, the students They waited outside the institution to observe the emecist arrival that arrived in their van about 15 minutes later. When you get out of your vehicle, youths and the Girls They took the opportunity to ask him for a photograph.

Subsequently, he offered a brief interview where he highlighted that one of his commitments was to attend all the invitations that the schools or the universitiesbecause the youths They are the future of the country and criticized the standard bearers of the alliances “Let’s continue making history” and “Strength and Heart for Mexico”.

The conversation titled “Let’s talk for Mexico” It lasted until after noon and in its interventionsthe presidential candidate highlighted that his intention is bet on youthTherefore, if you win the seat presidentialat the end of his six-year term there will be more than a million students will enter the universities.

He stressed that he is the only candidate who has explained how to finance your proposalswhere the creation of a national highway police in order to take care of the millions of people who pass through the roads.

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The president congratulated the students for the invitation to conversation and the format of the questionsbecause it showed the preparation that they had studentswho invited the three candidates, but Claudia Sheinbaum and Xochitl Galvez They snubbed them.

Note published in The Sun of Puebla

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