Jorge Glas lives inhumane conditions in prison: lawyer – El Sol de México

Jorge Glas He is in inhumane conditions inside the maximum security prison where he is deprived of his freedom in Ecuador. His lawyer, Dr. Andrés Villegas, told El Sol de México that Glas does not have “a light bulb to read” and does not receive the medicines that he requires in the face of his health conditions.

“It doesn’t even have light, not even a spotlight to read. He told us that he is not doing well in prison (…) Nor have they given him all the medicines that he requires,” Villegas mentioned.

The Ecuadorian lawyer reported that just this Wednesday he was able to meet with the former vice president Glas for 40 minutes and with the presence of custodiansa situation that, he claims, could have influenced the former president not to freely mention the situation he is experiencing inside prison, so the conditions could be even worse.

Furthermore, he announced that they are requesting the National Assembly of Ecuador to send a commission to verify the conditions under which Glas is found imprisoned.

On the night of April 5, Jorge Glas, who was under political asylum in the Mexican embassy in Ecuador, was apprehended by local police who broke into the chancellery, violating the Vienna Convention and leaving an unprecedented action in international diplomacy.

According to his lawyer, Glas had recent surgery on his spine, which is why the former vice president is worried because during his detention he was violently charged and received blows that caused his fingers to be dislocated.

Villegas commented that he is also demanding that the penitentiary authorities of Ecuadorr to clarify and give details of what happened on April 8, when Glas was rushed to a naval hospital to receive medical attention.

According to the defender, they only know that their client did not move from his bed, so doctors from the maximum security prison in Guayaquil recommended his transfer to a military hospital, and then take him to a naval hospital. There, after a few hours of care, he regained consciousness and was taken back to “The Rock,” as the prison where he is deprived of his freedom is known.

However, Glas’s defense does not know the details that led to his hospitalization, and they acknowledge that there are rumors about a possible fainting due to lack of food or even a possible self-induced coma.

“It is not acceptable that in the 21st century we do not know what happened,” claimed Villegas.

Regarding everything that happened after his arrest at the Mexican embassy, ​​it was pointed out that the former vice president had no knowledge until today: “he is isolated from the world,” commented his legal defense.

However, after receiving the news of the entire diplomatic scandal caused by the actions of the government of EcuadorGlas commented that he is very grateful to the Mexican government, and hopes that international authorities will intervene to recover his political asylum and be able to get out of prison.

Jorge Glas, former vice president during the mandate of Rafael Correawas in the Embassy of Mexico in Quito since December 17, 2023 after the political asylum offered by our country. Glas declared himself a politically persecuted person and victim of ‘lawfare’ (use of the judicial apparatus against political adversaries).

According to the government of Daniel Noboacurrent Ecuadorian president, the local Justice had ruled that Glas had to return to prison to finish serving an eight-year prison sentence for two convictions for bribery and illicit association, the last of them in the context of the case Odebrecht.

However, the arrival of the police Ecuador at the Mexican embassy unleashed a wave of diplomatic disapproval and condemnation throughout the world, and even caused the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) in Mexico file a complaint this Thursday with the International Court of Justice after breaking diplomatic relations with the South American country.

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