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Considered one of the first Mexican singer-songwriters who fused the northern and country music with a determined spirit punkthe singer-songwriter originally from Mexicali talks about his rise in music and the dark episode in which an unfortunate tweet regarding CDMX that cost him to retire from music.

Now comes back more mature and waiting for the moment to record a new album produced by himself, as he tells us in this conversation.

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Today it is common to hear northern singers who fuse their style with other genres, but when you debuted in 2008, very few were doing that. Do you consider yourself a pioneer in that sense?

Well, it is a strange phenomenon and I am proud to be described as one of those who started there, with that vibe of using the traditional mexican music to do a new rock or a new punk. And suddenly there are some authors who recognize me and others who I imagine do not, but it is a very curious phenomenon that this is used traditional music to make new genres.

Sometimes the first to arrive are not necessarily the ones who enjoy the joys of success the most. Do you think something like this has happened to you?

Probably. Let’s say that the growth in my career has been more measured than in the case of others, because my music is like more of a cult, No? And I like it, I’m proud of it… I don’t feel frustrated or anything for continuing on a more cult or underground level.. I continue to greatly enjoy the success I have with my audience, with whom I am year after year and who continue to attend our events and continue to give us a platform on which to continue existing.

Speaking of other singer-songwriters, what do you think that Carin León is suddenly opening concerts for the Rolling Stones?

Yes, I started seeing it since the Northern Tigers they played in the Live latino, and I think I am also an example of that, that at rock shows they are starting to play corridos and ranchera songs. I feel part of that same evolution, although I don’t feel like the leader of anything either, I am simply part of all that and the very fact that it has even become a fashion.

Linked to this is also the phenomenon of the corridos tumbados, which, upon becoming so popular, have also been surrounded by a lot of controversy. What do you think about it?

For me to Natanael Cano is a super important musicianbecause he was one of the first to change the entire configuration of music, there was no one who sounded like that, so different with a fusion of Mexican music with the trap and the reggaetonso it’s cool… And it’s also quite far from the ranchera music that we heard, like that of Carlos and José or Ramón Ayala.

I don’t feel frustrated by continuing at a more underground level. I continue to enjoy the success I have with my audience.

And what is your opinion of the Featherweight phenomenon?

He seems to me to be a person who has all the characteristics to be the star he is. He has the voice, the image, the songs and the talent. Personally, I don’t like that image of the guy with the pure microphone so much, because I’m more into seeing guitar players and bohemia, bass guitars and groups with accordions, but I think this revolution in music is absolutely brilliant. , It is a very important thing.

Chaos and misconduct

Returning to your music, a few months ago Carlos Navarrete, “El Bona”, with whom you recorded the album, passed away. Offering to Mictlán (2009), which opened many doors for you. Do you remember what that recording was like? Because I understand that it was pure chaos and fun.

Yeah, My career started very chaotically.but very pretty at the same time, because one day I arrived at the Mexico CityI met “The Bona” and we recorded all the songs that I had composed, and suddenly there was a rooftop in the Condesa neighborhood where I went to play and it was full. There my big promoters were bands like Vicente Gayo and Hong Kong Blood Opera… And from there up, because they put me in the Live latino and the recording of other albums began. I always came to record naturally, they just put a microphone on me, I recorded the song and then they shaped it with the master and the mix… It was the moment when it also started to come out Carla Morrison and all that.

Then you signed with Universal Music, and at that point it seemed like you were already buying into it, right?

Yes, it was already a very different time there and those were times when it was difficult for me to focus my mind on technical things; I couldn’t quite understand how some things were done or why they were done… Like I couldn’t connect with some things. At that time I was also seen as a character who was very partying and all that, while in general I was at home, writing a lot. But I always felt like my image in the media was that. And now here we go, moving forward. We return to Mexico City and continue gathering the public little by little.

This year he resumed the pace of his career, with several live performances and sporadic releases of new songs.

In 2017, the CDMX earthquake occurred and there was also a tweet that you may never forget, because it generated a lot of rejection towards you… What is your reflection, now that time has passed?

Well yes, I had bad behavior, I was like the student who has bad behavior in the classroom and I had to accept it, it’s what you have to do when you know you’re making a mistake and I tried to fix what was in my hands, there was a lot of rejection on social media, although in real life everyone continued to treat me very well.

But you did stop coming to Mexico City.

Yes, out of respect. And iI tried to get away from this for a while and develop other jobs. But I couldn’t support my family that wayso I said: I’m going to have to solve the problems I have in music, because I also wanted to continue singing, so I did everything I should in a video to apologize to the media and the public… The behavior that one has sometimes is not ideal and I was a little chaotic in my way of doing things..

How long did that break from music last?

They were like three years in which I was working on other things, and I had a good time too. Later when I returned to Mexico City and saw that the public treated me very well, I felt very grateful and happy, which I think is also a reason to continue doing things on a more professional level.

The return

For a few months now, Juan has resumed his activity practically completely and he remains active by publishing some materials sporadically, sharing news on his social networks and playing in various cities.

Now we see you more serene, perhaps more focused or mature. How do you feel?

Yes, well It’s just that he was a devil and I had to accept it.. Afterwards I calmed down, because I also spent a lot of time isolated, I didn’t talk to other musicians, but hey, those are more psychological issues., No? That have nothing to do with music…

Although they could influence what you do

In writing, yes, but then, now I live more with peopleI live more with people.

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Also the pace at which you have been releasing new music has slowed down a bit.

Yes, perhaps this work of releasing new music has perhaps been slower, because I have wanted to do it little by little, I have not wanted to speed up because I want to do something of quality, and I have not wanted to commit to a company to record me either. Rather I want to put together a budget to produce a well-made material, for the moment I think that is the most sensible option for me.

Thanks, Juan. Is there anything else you want to tell people?

Always be grateful for the support of all those people who always wrote to me and told me: “Give it a try, we want to see you in that city, come back”they all know who they are… I am very grateful to them for always being aware of all the new audiences that may arrive as well, We are here to serve you, in Mexico City and everywhere where we have presentations.

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