Judge orders arrest of tree felling in Chapultepec due to Cablebús works – El Sol de México

A federal administrative judge ordered the provisional stoppage of tree cutting in the Chapultepec Forest on the occasion of the works on Line 3 of the Cablebús, reported the senator of the Citizen Movement (MC), Laura Ballesteros Mancilla.

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The legislator said that the Government of Mexico City has been five thousand trees felled indiscriminately due to the various works carried out in the last five years and in the case of the construction of that means of transportation, there are around 1,32 tree species that the authorities recognize as going to saw in that place, of which there are already more of 200 and they only had permission for 17.

He clarified that the judge’s decision is until she makes a final decision on one of the five amparos filed by neighbors, who maintain their opposition to this work generating more damage to the environment of that lung of the city.

The MC senator confirmed that the work does not have the permits to be carried out, such as those of urban impact, those relating to the environment, the authorization of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s office in certain areas and they did not consult the neighbors about this construction.

He opined that if the judge definitively suspends the felling trees in the Chapultepec Forestthe Government of Mexico City will necessarily have to change the route of Cablebús Line 3.

“We are never going to oppose a mobility project in the city, we have been fighting for many years to improve the mobility of public transport in the city, the problem is that it seems that this government is trapped in the seventies and that infrastructure has to go over the flora and fauna of the city and we are not going to allow that,” Ballesteros Mancilla warned.

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At the time, lawyer Miguel Meza recalled that Chapultepec has been recognized as an Area of ​​Environmental Value since 2003 and “they cannot touch a leaf on a tree without prior approval, but the government, he assured, is preparing to build 12 thousand square meters and that requires an urban impact authorization, which they do not have because the authorities have not granted it yet.”

The representative of the neighbors added to these environmental damagewhich generates the construction, for example, the columns imply greater loads for the soil around the forest, this compacts the land and prevents water collection.

“There is also another very big problem there, which is the risk to the lives of the people who travel on the Cablebús and to the residents of the area, because they are located in an area with a high risk of sinking, where there are mines that were built. hundreds of years ago and authorities do not have a map of where these mines are located. They are improvising on the fly, as they have done with other works, such as the Santa Lucía Airport,” the lawyer recalled.

He announced that among the protections filed there is, precisely, the approach of how the work puts its neighbors at risk and insisted that it lacks Urban Impact and environmental permits.

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Finally, the resident of the area, Patricia Nieto, reported that the construction of the Cablebús caused and that they never took the opinion of the citizens to carry out the work, which also affects the walls of the Pantheon Dolores.


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