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Censorship doesn’t stop them. Despite the constant limitations, the genre of corridos tumbados is becoming increasingly stronger. This is how he shares it Junior Hexponent of the genre who regrets the situation that his colleagues have experienced Natanael Cano and Featherweightregarding the prohibition of the interpretation of themes in different states.

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“Yes, that one is a little delicate. issueIt makes me sad when they tell me that we are going to play in another state and that corridos are prohibited, all of that seems like a waste of time, it makes me think things that I don’t have to think about and I wonder why only the Mexican regional They are censoring?, out there there are music neighborhood, street music“The world is transparent, we are transparent,” said Junior H at a press conference.

“I don’t know why people try to cover the sun with one finger, why just us? That makes us want to write more and more.” runs”he added.

In fact, Antonio Herrera Pérez, his real name, assured that, no matter how much censorship they receive, the topics will continue to go viral.

“At the end of the day, yeah censorpeople end up learning it and anyway the day the songit goes viral, it’s really a waste of time, but it would be a question and problem of the people who try to end this, I see it as very difficult for it to end,” he shared.


Junior H who will appear at the Sun Forum next November 24, after having achieved a sold out in the PMexico Bullfighting.

“It has been a challenge to get here, but all those concerts What I have given has prepared us to be where we are today, it has made us grow quickly, mentally, in terms of scenarios; he Sun Forum It is a big challenge because there are nerves, they are felt long before going on any platform, I feel that these years have been forged and we are ready to be in a place of this stature.

“The secret is the consistency of working, we have not stopped, I have a feeling and I know that everything has been the result of everything we have done, but it has cost us a lot, even after the pandemic we had good numbers in platformsbut we did not fill places with less than a thousand people, it was hard, but we had to rise little by little and today we are ready for new challenges,” he said.

The originator of Guanajuato has 27 million 635 thousand 102 listeners monthly through Spotify. Between his Musical hits Highlights include Weekend, Y Lloro, Bipolar, El azul and Lady Gaga, the latter three in collaboration with Peso Pluma.

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Junior H was announced for Live Latino 2024where he will share with artists likeo Babasónico, La Adictiva, Fito Páez, Hombres G, Jorge Drexler, the return of Belanova, among others.

“My lyrics have always been transparent, I like to be sincere, every song I write I try to see it in the first person, I try to focus a lot on myself and people come to identify with it, I think that is why it has been successful, the same in question of corridos, we are very transparent and that is what matters and the versatility we have in terms of genres counts for a lot,” he said.


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