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Like every girl, Kateryna Olek I enjoyed dressing and putting together looks for her dolls, who without thinking about it, were her first models.

always had a passion special for him drawingso at the age of nine, in his native Ukrainewas inclined to study this discipline; This helped him take direction of his future profession.

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“Since I was little I was passionate about sewing and design of clothing, and when I started studying I realized that what inspired me the most was working with lace, embroidery, and fine fabrics“, he told Circles the designer.

After graduating, he moved to Mexico City, where he consolidated his own eponymous firm in 2010, specialized in wedding dresses.

“I always liked going to weddingand this was when I realized the great area of ​​opportunity that this had industrybecause sometimes the adjustment of the dress It was not the client’s size, which made the dress uncomfortable, as well as the quality of the fabrics used, which is why I decided to make wedding dresses,” she explained.

It was like that when he opened his boutique with the mission of “create dream dresses”. “My proposal is to dress and transform the dreams of the girlfriendsin a dressoffering a personalized service that meets their expectations and personalities,” he explained.

The firm’s dresses are “very fancy, decorated with lace, glitterand highly made,” is how the designer described them.

Among its collections, the line stands out couturier that are made in haute couture natural silk fabrics, as well as modern and classic designs, each manufactured by a European team and inspired by Kateryna.

Regarding her creative process, she explained that the central idea is to reflect the personality and style of the bride under advanced sewing techniques.

“All designs are custom made, whether it is a collection or custom dressthat’s why we work hand in hand with the bride to know your tastes, needs, and desires. Each dress is created with great attention to detail to ensure they have their dream dress”, he commented.

As a designer, Kateryna not only has the purpose of creating dresses to make dozens of brides happy, it also seeks to promote and empower talents of this industry with the platform Fashion Leader Mexico which recently celebrated its third edition, in which for two days international speakers gave mentoring and courses in order to help them transform your passion for fashion into a profitable business.

“It is an event to support the people passionate about fashion and haute couture in wedding dressesin which they can expand their creativitybelieve more in themselves and manage to turn this passion into a way of life extraordinarythat allows them to live as they once dreamed of,” he shared.

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This edition too marked the beginning of the journey professional of some students of the courses that Olek teaches and that presented their collections as the designer Alba Acosta from Sinaloa, Benny Cannella from Veracruz, Guadalupe Díaz from Jalisco, Daryelia Maldonado from Quintana Rooamong others.


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