Kenia López Rabadán accuses López Obrador of seeking subordination of the SCJN – El Sol de México

The match National Regeneration Movement (Morena) and the president Andrés Manuel López Obrador They do not seek justice, but subordination of Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation (SCJN)said the senator of the National Action Party (PAN), Kenia López Rabadán.

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“Morena and the president do not seek justice, but subordination. “This is another presidential revenge because they have not been able to subdue the brave ministers who vote in favor of the rights of Mexicans and against the whims of the National Palace,” she stated.

The legislator warned that the shortlist sent to the Senate of the Republic to replace the vacancy of the former minister Arturo Zaldivar “It is a clear reflection of the control that the Executive intends to have over the highest judicial court.”

In her conference “La Contramañanera”, the senator announced her vote against and stated that “with the departure of Arturo Zaldivar of the SCJNthe President of the Republic is granted a place on the highest court to, from within, generate a crisis in the Judiciary.”

“Our Constitution establishes a clean and impartial process to guarantee the independence of that Power of the Union; However, President López Obrador himself is dirtying the appointment of who will replace Mr. Zaldívar.”

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“The Constitution establishes that to be a minister of the Court, It is required that during the year prior to the day of appointment, the person has not been Secretary of StateHowever, one of the proposals sent in the National Palace shortlist violates our regulatory text. María Estela Ríos, Legal Advisor of the federal Executive, has the same rank as a secretarythis according to the Organic Law of the Federal Public Administration,” he said.

She explained that beyond being sisters of Luisa María AlcaldeSecretary of the Interior and Marti Batreshead of Government of CDMX, “it is incredible that the person who sends the appointment letter is the Secretary of the Interior herself and the letter brings her sister.”

“Without a doubt, the Constituent Assembly established requirements to provide autonomy and impartiality to the selection process, but Morena does not care about that.”

Kenya Lopez mentioned that “it is regrettable that they use this substitution to weaken the Judiciary and not to strengthen it, since it is clear that the shortlist sent by the head of the federal Executive is an offense to the balance of powers. They want to impose people who are active in the ranks of Morena. Faithful to their style, they send proposals with 99 percent subordination to the regime.”

Likewise, he recalled that the Constitution in its Article 96 establishes two assumptions for this appointment. The first indicates that if the Senate does not decide on him within 30 days, the head of the federal Executive can designate a person within the proposals. The second, that if after he has proposed two shortlists and they are rejected, the President can appoint her from among the proposals of the second shortlist.

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“If the President continues with his foolishness of imposing on people subordinate to the regime, we will go to national and international bodies to demand compliance with the Constitution,” he said.

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