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The Institute for the Protection of Bank Savings (IPAB) announced that the payment to Banco Accendo creditors this delayed by a series of litigation against the signature.

Through a statement, the IPAB detailed that these litigation goes from revocations to the judgment issued by the authorities until protections promoted for the same creditors.

Derived from the above, the result of said judicial resources and protections could lead to modifications to the sentence issued against Accendo Bank.

“Consequently, it is not possible to make payment to creditors recognized until such time judgment has become firm once the issues are resolved challenges referred to, as well as concluded with the process asset recovery“, added the IPAB.

He stressed that although there is no public announcement related to the start of payment to creditorsinterested parties can know the status of the judicial liquidation process before the corresponding judge.

It was in September 2021 when the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) him revoked the operating license of Banco Accendo by poor financial and administrative management.

At the moment of said revocationthe institution financial had an index of capitalization 9.88 percentbelow the regulatory minimum of 10.5 percent and that allows measure the strength of a bank to face any economic risk.

He then president of the CNBVJuan Pablo Graf assured that although this situation was intended to be corrected with a capital injection to Banco Accendo, The resources were not enough to increase its capitalization to the required levels.

How is the Banco Accendo liquidation process progressing?

According to IPABalthough the payment of creditors It hasn’t started yet litigation interposedhe process of settlement judicial of Accendo Bank continues to advance according to the normativitythrough asset recovery activitiesamong which are, rights of payment, credits and estate awarded.

Most of these assets are associated with various problematic legalwhich require time to proceed with the corresponding recovery.

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“Payments to recognized creditors will be made with the resources available from Accendo in strict accordance with the recognition sentence, graduation and priority of creditsprior authorization of the judge who supervises and governs the judicial liquidation process”concluded the IPAB.

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