Lenia Batres accuses Court ministers online for not supporting her – El Sol de México

The “people’s minister”, Lenia Batresclaimed on social networks the lack of support his companions ministers during a session of the Second Hall of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation this Wednesday, in which he also experienced a disagreement with Luis Maria Aguilar.

Batres claimed on social networks that three ministers (Yasmín Esquivel, Javier Laynez and Luis María Morales) They voted against the project in which it sought to apply the highest sanction allowed by the Law to an official who, according to the minister, hid six bank accounts with more than 3.7 million pesos in his asset declaration.

Batres’ proposal sought revoke the protection granted to the former delegate of the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), José Luis Alarcón Lópezwho challenged the decision to dismiss him after he did not submit his asset declarations on time in the last six-year term.

Alarcón López himself was prosecuted for the matter of the sinkhole in the Express Pass of the Mexico-Cuernavaca highwaywhere two people died on July 12, 2017.

Lenia Batres claimed on Twitter that “three ministers They decided that there was no need to study the background and they left firm the decision of the Collegiate Court that applied the minor sanction to the official alleging the pro persona principle.”

During the session of the Second Chamber there also occurred disagreement between Batres and his counterpart Luis María Aguilar Moralesthis in relation to Aguilar’s observations on the Batres project.

In the session, Both ministers exchanged words regarding the “errors” that Aguilar found in the Batres sentencewho complained for not having pointed them out in time.

On March 12, Batres starred in an exchange of words with the minister president, Norma Piña Hernándezdue to their different visions about the scope of the powers of the Court.

Batres and Piña argued regarding an action of unconstitutionality presented by the Institute of Transparency, Access to Public Information and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) of Colima on the Law of Transparency and Access to Public Information, a case in which Batres Guadarrama questioned the scope of the Judiciary.

Lenia Batres became minister at the end of 2023 after multiple questions due to her alleged inexperience in the legal profession and her closeness to the ruling party, Morena.

In addition to this, He obtained the position by appointment of President López Obradorafter failing to obtain qualified approval in the Senate of the Republic on a couple of occasions.

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