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The women’s MX League presented a series of proposals to the United Commissions of Labor and Social Welfare for Gender Equality and Legislative Studies of the Senatein order for there to be modifications to the law reform that officials approved last week and in which it was determined that there was a base salary for female and male athletes.

One of the points that generated the most controversy was the proposal to make Social Security optional and instead of it be given a private insurance for players.

Register and contribute to social security for the professional athlete, including the National Housing Fund. Or, failing that, organize or provide access to a specialized private medical service for the professional athlete, in accordance with the requirements of the sports discipline he or she develops. In this, care will be provided with a gender perspective.“, reads the document.

Besides, They asked for tax incentives or incentives related to social security contribution obligations. “for those professional sports organizations that demonstrate concrete actions that have contributed to reducing the gender pay gap.”

“Reducing the wage gap In the case of team sports, it will be evaluated under criteria that consider the entire team of one branch, compared to a team from the branch of the other gender.”

The women’s MX League He asked the representatives of the sports federations to have a voice and vote that have a significant number of women members and legislate on digital harassment. In addition, it was urged to create protocols against violence.


In the document, which will be analyzed by the Senators, it is insisted that there is a danger that Mexico will lose the possibility of organizing the 2026 World Cup. This is due to government intervention in Mexican sports.

“…they can generate situations of confusion and conflict with international federations. Like FIFA, which can even cause the corresponding Mexican federation to be sanctioned or suspended. It is suggested that this fraction be eliminated, without this meaning the elimination of people’s rights. Professional sportsmen. In order not to open risks on the eve of the 2026 World Cup and the desire to also celebrate the Women’s World Cup, in 2027”. He recalled that FIFA took away the U-20 World Cup from Indonesia after government intervention.


For its part, Senator Martha Lucía Mícher pointed out that the arguments presented by the women’s Liga MX are valid. “But they are arguments where put women in a situation of inequality“We don’t want that to remain.”

The official added that The proposals are debatable and a working table has to be organized to find out what modifications could be made. “You have to look at the pros and cons, there are things that the League says that he holds the hand of the professional athlete“.

She added that one of the proposals is that there be a transfer bonus, which, the legislator assured, cannot be reflected in the Labor Law. “Because then it would have to be done to all the workers in the world and the country, everything is debatable and has to be analyzed”he sentenced.

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