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Lucia Mendez clarifies everything. In it reality show “You always queen” she chose to be the evil one. “I invented a character to be a nuisance, to be the villain, the program “It was in the top ten for two weeks, I did it,” he said when announcing his return to cabaret with the show ”Vedette”.

After the controversy he created due to the rudeness that was seen in the reality in which he offended Verónica Castro, treated the production badly and fell out with Dulce, his lifelong comadre, the singer and actress He maintains that everything was part of a strategy that he put together with a coach, whose name he did not reveal.

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“My coach friend helped me, he told me to go full out, act like a diva who does and says. Otherwise, we would have been five women like Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta, so we wouldn’t have made the audience crazy, she said about the show she starred in along with her Lorena Herrera, Olivia Collins, Rosa Gloria Chagoyán and Dulce.

About the insult he said to Veronica Castro In the same program, she noted that it was part of a strategy “from someone else, she and I have always been competition. She thought about it and we did it. It was done for advertising purposes, so that the reality”.

“It was just that. I will never in my life insult someone stupidly. This is the reality was someone’s idea and it was done. It was invented to have controversy, to have a scandal and I say it up front.”

Regardless of the evil and inaccessible image that she managed to project to the public, Lucia Mendez stated that depending on the financial offer they make to her, if she is willing to participate in the third season of “Always queens”, which in the last edition left him an enemy, his comadre Dulce.

“Yes I know that he calls me reptilian. She somehow wants to provoke me. I think there are people who have never had a project of this level. I say this with all humility.”

Lucia Mendez She also says that for her that reality It is the past, its present is its return to night shows.

“Whoever wants to be my friend is fine and whoever doesn’t is fine. Now I’m already in a game of one Show what is ‘Vedette’. And I’m not going to sue anyone, at all; “Let them continue, let them continue and continue enjoying this reality that is worldwide.”

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In the nineties, Mendez He presented several shows in nightclubs, now he returns to that aspect with Vedetteto premiere on May 3 at a Hotel on Paseo de la Reforma.

In it Show will feature her romantic pop ballad hits and some compositions by Juan Gabriel.

“Joining Vedette is a big responsibility and being at the head makes me feel flattered. This is not done alone, it is always a team, there is always someone, a producera musical director, the songs“There are many things so that you can really achieve success and one cannot do it alone,” he expressed.

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