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The vocation for education has led to the teacher Lucila Bautista Mojicato the various communities of the municipality of Old Town in the zone northern Veracruz to teach with passion letters and numbers that are changing the lives of adults and young peoplewho at the time did not have the opportunity to study.

The educator of the Veracruzano Institute for Adult Education (IVEA) He has been teaching for five yearsin response to a concern that since his childhood it was lodged in his thoughtsto be able to share knowledge young and oldwhich it is doing with notable results.

A Veracruzana with a passion for education

Originally from the municipality of Temapache Poplarin what is also considered the northern Veracruz, Lucila Bautista He lived his childhood in that municipality, famous for its orange groves, from where the teacher left 25 years ago to settle, since then, in the municipality of Old Townwhere he is teaching the basic education instruction from Mondays to Sundays.

His stay in the last municipality of the state of Veracruz discovered that there were many young people and adults who for various reasons had not been able to complete their basic studies, a situation that caught his attention and interest in national education since childhood.

He looked for a way to teach and first ventured into National Council for Educational Development (CONAFE), later participated very actively in the National Movement for Education and Literacy (NOMAE), where I continue until integrated into the Veracruzano Institute for Adult Education (IVEA) where she currently works as an active educator who seeks in each community the possibility of establishing a new teaching group for youth and adults.

At the moment teacher Lucila Bautista teaches classes in groups of students that it has organized in the municipal seat of Pueblo Viejo, in the central area, the California neighborhood, Mataredonda, El Mango, in the various sectors of the Anáhuac Congregation and recently El Chachalaco, mainly the places where it has been detected that There are young people and adults who have not completed their basic level studies.

Personally is responsible for delivering certificates to his studentsas is the case of Mr. Alberto Camacho Ochoa, a resident of the El Chachalaco community, who satisfactorily completed primary school at 61 years of age.

Offers its classes in rural communities

The teacher’s interest in bringing education to the inhabitants of the communities of the rural and ejido areas is because she has detected that in this sector of the population there are many people who were not able to complete their studies. primary and secondary educationwhich is an opportunity to teach classes and obtain their certificates.

The difficulty she faces in reaching this sector of the population is distance and transportation, although the teacher points out that she she considers herself a woman without impedimentsince he can also travel on a motorcycle, car, boat, truck, even on a horse or donkey, since in his childhood he remembered constantly riding a horse.

He recalled that on occasions he has had to walk with rubber boots and a raincoat along muddy trails and in the rain to reach the places where he teaches, which demonstrates the firm commitment to education, which is why he also recognized the effort they make. Rosa Isela Delgado Leóncoordinator of zone 3025 of Pánuco and Héctor Leonel Amezcua Cardieldirector of IVEAto ensure that more and more people, regardless of the circumstances they face, receive a quality education.

The obstacle that many adults face in being able to pursue their education is the lack of a birth certificateoo the updated document, but they cannot obtain it mainly for economic reasons, so the intervention of the authorities of the three levels of government is essential to ensure that they have the record they need.

Stand against illiteracy

Lucila Bautista Mojicais very clear about the commitment made to the country literacywhere his vocation for teaching allows him to bring letters and numbers to the inhabitants of each neighborhood and community with that passion that he harbored since his childhood.

Mr. Alberto Camacho Ochoa, a resident of the El Chachalaco community, successfully completed primary school at 61 years of age.

Originally published in The Sun of Tampico

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