Luis Cházaro accuses imposition of Tabaoda for CDMX; clarifies that he will not leave the PRD – El Sol de México

The PRD deputy, Luis Espinosa Cházaro, criticized the aztec sun party for giving in to the imposition of Santiago Taboada as the only candidate of the Front for Mexico Citybut he clarified that he will not leave the party.

The PRD member questioned the left-wing party for accepting that the mayor of Benito Juárez with a license is the only pre-candidate, which, he pointed out, the leftist party has opposed.

“I am very sorry that my lifelong party, that of the Revolution -Democratic- has given in to the imposition of a candidate (what we historically criticized so much),” he wrote on social networks.

The answer is given this morning after shortly before midnight the PRI leaders, Alejandro Moreno; from the PAN, Marko Cortés; and from the PRD, Jesús Zambrano, They will announce on social networks, and with a delay of almost six hours, their candidate for the city.

According to a statement, between Adrián Rubalcava, Luis Cházaro and Santiago Taboada, The PAN member obtained the approval, unanimously, of the national leaders.

Last week, Marko Cortés announced that Santiago Taboada would be the Front’s pre-candidate. Later, the PRI and PRD responded that he was only the blue and white candidate, but not the alliance.

The tricolor party also recalled the different dates of the internal process for the election of the candidate for the head of government candidacy, which included a series of debates between the participants.

Yesterday, Friday, Adrián Rubalcava criticized the PRI, PAN and PRD for the delay in the announcement and assured that, if they did not go together, and choose a single candidate, the alliance was at risk and could break up.

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“If we don’t go together, the Alliance is worthless. In the event that they do not grant us the endorsements, what would undoubtedly happen is that the registration of the pre-candidates is not endorsed, and that would undoubtedly damage the internal democracy of the three parties,” he warned.

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