Luis Miguel dazzles the Mexico City Arena with his voice and his smile – El Sol de México

Luis Miguel shone on his return to the Mexico City Arena, where tonight he presented the first of seven concerts, part of his 2023 tour with which he has toured South America and will soon set foot in the United States.

Dressed in a black suit and tie, and a white shirt, he appeared at exactly 9:05 p.m. to start his show. “Será que no me amas”, “Amor, amor, amor” and “Suave” started the repertoire.

With his hip movements and a smile that showed off his perfectly whitened teeth, “Micky” seduced the audience with each song.

The fans did not hide their excitement, from the first minute they shouted, chanted and shouted at the artist. “Guilty or not” came with a slightly faster version than the one the public was used to, but they accompanied it with the one they already knew.

The songs progressed without the artist speaking. “Up Mexico, up Mexico,” he simply said in “I need you.” The only communication he had with those present were flirtatious glances and smiles that he directed at them.

The luminous bracelets, which were given to attendees before entry, were another element of this concert, which brought together 20 thousand people. “Tell Me” and a fragment of “Por Beneath the Table” and “I Don’t Know You” followed next.

From time to time Luis Miguel performed his now traditional movement of rotating his arm in the air while raising one leg, with which he unleashed screams from the people.

The romantic atmosphere took over the place with a medley made up of “How I Love You”, “Only Once”, “We Are Boyfriends”, “Everything and Nothing” and “We”.

The fans were part of the show at various times, as the performer constantly directed the microphone at them so they could sing fragments of the songs. Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson appeared virtually to accompany “The Sun” with “Come fly with me” and “Smile”, respectively.

The more than 20 musicians and the three chorus girls had the same good spirits as the artist, and were smiling every time the camera focused on them. Hits like “A man is looking for a woman”, “Cold as the wind” and “Entrégate” were played next.

A mariachi made up of 15 musicians, and accompanied by two couples of dancers who tapped to the rhythm of “Jarabe Tapatío”, appeared to inaugurate the Mexican block of the concert, and liven up the show while the artist changed his clothes.

“Luismi” reappeared dressed in a black shirt and pants, to perform “La fiesta del mariachi”, “La Bikina” and “La mediavuelta”. A pop section immediately began, where “Nonme can you leave me like this,” “Palabra de honor” and “La unconditional” resonated.

The party lit up when “I propose you” was played, when giant black balloons landed among the audience. Among a colorful lighting, the singer began a trip to the past with “Now you can leave”, “The girl in the blue bikini”; where he briefly put on his sunglasses; “Isabel” and “When the sun heats up.”

The musicians continued playing, while Luismi ran from one side of the stage to the other, and pieces of confetti fell on him.

Without saying a single word, but throwing kisses into the air, the artist said goodbye to his audience, who kept asking him to sing one more, but then he approached to give a kiss on the cheek to a girl in the audience, Luis. Miguel bowed and left the stage.

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