Magaly Chávez sues Alfredo Adame: if I don’t see him in jail, at least in the psychiatrist – El Sol de México

Magaly Chavezthe former sentimental partner of Alfredo Adame announced that demanded to the actor for moral damageafter he assured that she was a transsexual woman and had hidden it from him during his engagement.

Both maintained a relationship in 2022, however, they did not end in good termsaccording to what she herself said influencer.

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Chavez announced during a interview for the “Venga la Alegría” program that Alfredo Adame had been notified for the first hearing that took place on November 10, but the former host of “Hoy” did not show up.

During that audiencethe authorities determined some protective measures of the model, like Adame is prohibited from mentioning his name publiclyas well as approaching her.

The former participant of reality shows as “Falling in love”, “I’m Famous, get me out of here”She said she hopes Adame be punished for affecting your emotional stability.

“We want to get to everything necessary so that this person pay. It’s something that I have always said, what I want is for it to be punished for what he has said, for what he has done against me,” said Magaly.

Magaly Chávez plans to seek psychological help after romance with Alfredo Adame

Magaly Chavez He also announced that he does not hesitate to search psychological helpwell the assaults and defamations that Alfredo Adame carried out against him have also affected his family.

“It doesn’t bother me to say that later on I need a psychologistbecause you really can’t handle this alone, the assaults that come to you from everywhere,” said the model.

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He also added that Adame is a person aggressive and that has affected many people with its statementsso he suggested that Alfredo Adame should receive psychiatric care.

“If I don’t see it in the jailAt least I want to see it in a psychiatristI don’t expect anything from him. There cannot be a person like him like that, as if nothing had happened,” she noted.

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