Manolo Caro closes the year with the premiere of the second season of Sagrada Familia – El Sol de México

Manolo Caro closes this year with a new movie and invitations to work in Spain and Mexico, as well as the premiere of the second season of Sacred Family, this November 17th in Netflix.

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“This seasonwhat you can see is that she is very vertiginous, very fast, she has agility and a intelligence about how they move characters which, for me, was very fun to do. Talk about motherhood again, which is the theme of seriesbut now it enters some very dark and perverse places that I am interested in people seeing, to know their opinion,” he commented in an interview.

“A round story is told, I created this story so that it would be two seasons, in 16 chapters. I was fortunate that the first one went well and they gave me the green light to complete it and I think that the balance as director is that I faced a very particular challenge with actors that I respected a lot, that I had seen in films “I love them, having these actors on set is imposing, things flowed, but I think we are talking about maturity in many aspects in this project.”

He director just finished filming tape Party in the burrowwhich originally starred Tenoch Huerta, who left the project after accusations from sexual harassment against him by saxophonist Elena Ríos.

Caro confirmed that Manuel García Rulfo stars in the movie. “Obstacles one always faces, nothing more than this one was very media and everyone found out, but there are always these types of events, that someone leaves a shoot and you have to replace them, move dates.

“I handled what happened from a distance because I don’t know the parties that well, there was respect for both and a maturity that, for me, the most important thing was to move forward with Party at the Burrow and tell the story I wanted to tell,” he added.

The filming of the tape took place in Guadalajara, it is based on the book namesake by Juan Pablo Villalobos, which describes the life of a “privileged” child, who asks his father to acquire an endangered species for his private zoo. His father, being a drug dealertries to please his little one at all times, so “no” is not an option.

Last September the filming in Africa which includes the participation of Teresa Ruiz, Daniel Giménez Cacho, Pierre Louis, Mercedes Hernández, Alfredo Gatica, and Raúl Briones, among others.

Currently, the feature film It is in post-production and is expected to premiere next year in Netflix.

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“I have been a very persevering person, I have had little fear, that has led me to a lot of applause and criticism, but also to success and personal fulfillment of which I speak little, but I feel very proud of the career I have, proud to work with the actors I’ve worked with.

“I had the fortune this year to direct Daniel Gimenez Cacho which, for me, was a dream in a project that I will premiere next year, I work in Spain with the best of Spain, I work with the best of Mexico and that does not make me think that I am the best, it makes me think that I have “I have had the intelligence to be at the right time, in the right place, and that gives me a lot of happiness and makes me feel fulfilled,” he expressed.

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