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They will return to Acapulco two of the iconic mariachi frogs that lived through everything after Hurricane Otis and remained standing until Unknown people stole them last November from the clothing and accessories store Mr. Frog’slocated on Costera Miguel Alemán Avenue.

After a complaint from neighbors, The Marichi frogs were recovered by elements of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico (FGJ) in Nezahualcóyotl, in a clandestine warehouse belonging to a gang of thieves.

He designer José Luis López Hernándezwho has been dedicated to its preparation for more than 30 years, said that the frogs were severely damaged and when he went to the FGJ, employees and other people who were in the place They kept taking photos with them because they became more famous for their theft..

“They no longer had their musical instruments, the hats were destroyed and we made them new again with the same design and we made them the same as the model from 20 years ago.”

The two frogs that were located were the one with the trumpet and cello instruments.the one that still needs to be located is the mariachi guitar frog.

López Hernández commented that the “preyed” frogsgiven the rise of the news that they were taken in a van to the State of Mexico, They will return to Acapulco and will be placed in a busy place that shows that Acapulco is standing.

“The frogs are painted with white primer, automotive lacquer and transparent polyurethane, which protects them from the sun’s rays and these will also be anchored to the floor with a metal base so that they are unlikely to be stolen,” the designer explained.

The stolen frogs were replaced in March

The stolen frogs were replaced at the beginning of last March by ones with a more round design, projecting that they are younger, about 15 years old, and the others were gentlemendetailed the designer.

Each of the frogs in the Mr. Frog’s It costs 120 thousand pesos, with an approximate weight of 80 kilograms.

José Luis added that In the next few days they will also bring frogs to the port for the clothing and accessories store Mr. Frog’s located in the Magallanes subdivisionin the tourist area of ​​the port of Acapulco.

Note published in The Sun of Acapulco

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