Melissa Barrera was fired from Scream 7 for comments about Palestine and Israel – El Sol de México

A new controversy has arisen after it became known that Melissa Barrera could have been fired of the movie Scream 7.

The actress starred in the horror film interpreting Samantha Carpenter’s character role that even led her to work alongside the famous Jenna Ortega.

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What did Melissa Barrera do?

However, it seems that all that has changed after Variety magazine made it known that the Mexican had been fired by the producer of Spyglass tape, who did not tolerate the artist’s comments on the war conflict in Gaza.

Barrier had spoken on several occasions through their social networks in favor of Palestine ensuring that she “coming from a nation also conolized”, I understood the situation they were going through and that “Palestine should be free.”

On another occasion, Melissa questioned the fact that “the media only showed the Israeli side” of the conflict and not that of the Palestinians.

Until now, Neither the producer nor the Mexican company have commented on the matter, After Variety will seek a statement, so we are waiting for one of the parties to publish an official statement at some point.

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Finally, The controversy has divided opinions in social networks, where a part supports Melissa and free expression not only on this topic but on topics in general, creating the hashtag #JusticiaParaMelissaBarrera; while another party is in favor of her being fired of the film for his support of Palestine in the face of the armed conflict it maintains with Israel.

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