Mexican short film “A field that no longer smells like flowers” ​​by César Flores, competes in Spain – El Sol de México

SARAGOSSA. He short film Mexican “A field that no longer smells of flowers”directed by César Flores Correa, competes in the 17th edition of Ecozine Film Festivalreference contest on the subject environmental and founding member of the Green Film Network as well as the Festival Network and Aragón Film Festival, which began its competitive section on April 4 in Zaragoza, northeastern Spain.

“A field that no longer smells of flowers,” film that was in the last edition of the Morelia Film Festivalcompetes in the category of Documentary Short Film with nine other productions from Spain, Poland, Cuba, Chile, Canada, Colombia and Germany. He documentary film It is filmed in the municipality of Villa Guerrero, State of Mexico, where flower growers and their families live in the hope of better times; Meanwhile, they live every day in a field that no longer smells like flowers.

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Next Friday the 12th the honors of Ecozine Film Festivalwhich this year has the motto “Imagínalo”, which also focuses on this year’s spot, created by director Jorge Yetano and maintains the objective of continuing to create new audiences with a hopeful message.

He director of the contest, Pedro Piñeiro, pointed out that “for this edition we put the accent on the motto ‘imagine it’, because when we were seeing all the filmsmaking all the selection, it seemed to us that we had to pick that song wonderful of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, ‘Imagine’; We felt that it was necessary to claim the possibility of reimagining another possible world and the need to believe that our planet can be another way.”

For this edition, more than 380 productions from 50 countries were received; the Official Competitive Section It has 34 titles from 16 countries in the categories of Documentary Feature Film (9), Documentary Short Film (10), Fiction Short Film (7) and Animation Short Film (8).

Out of competition, in the “Ecozine as a family” section, the mexican short film “My new car”, by Ian B. Morales. In the film, a grandfather gives his grandson a new toy car for his collection, and another, and another, until he sees it immersed in a world of road chaos and contingency. environmental.

In this edition, Ecozine presented a selection of shorts from the Humus Film Fest, a competition of the Casa Encendida in Madrid which aims to accommodate all eyes that want to come to show urban agriculture both in an amateur and more professional way, and which leaves the Spanish capital for the first time.

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On the other hand, “Brothers of the Sea”, directed by Manuel Coronado and Telmo Iragorri and “The Parallel Currents”, Pablo Chavanel’s debut film, which had its world premiere in Ecozine, opened the Official Section with a warning about the invasion of territory in places in Asia. The main invasion now of the nomadic Urak Lawoi tribe in Thailand is tourism, while in the second film, shot in Cambodia, there is evidence of the damage caused by the proliferation of hydroelectric dams on the Mekong River.

Manuel Coronado and Pablo Chavanel were in Zaragoza to present their films and they agreed on the need to protect the territories and to open spaces of hope in the face of the impositions of the authorities of different places and society itself.

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