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He Price of tacos, quesadillas, pambazos and Mexican snacks rose more than 30 pesos in the last 12 months at the end of October, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The products that became most expensive during this period were barbacoa and birria, whose cost per kilo rose between 27 and 31 pesos in the last year. Furthermore, if the dish includes a taco, Mexicans now pay up to 10 pesos more. According to specialists, the increases are a consequence of the increase in the cost of fruits and vegetableswhich are some components for the preparation of these foods.

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In the specific case of the taquerias, torterias, inns or loncheríasthe price rebound is also a reflection of the increased demand for services and food prepared outside the home which caused the elimination of mobility restrictions due to the health crisis.

“The services have not shown a clear downward trend, in an environment of resilience in consumption and wage pressuresand for a slower transfer of the shocks of past years,” said Alejandro Saldaña, chief economist of Grupo Financiero Ve por Más.

According to Inegi, The segment with the greatest annual impact on inflation was that of loncherías, fondas, cake shops and taquerias.contributing 0.405 points to the general index of 4.26 percent in October.

Tacos rise eight pesos

He average price of tacos and quesadillas in October 2023 is up to eight pesos more expensive than that recorded in the same month a year ago.

In establishments of the Mexico City, the package of three tacos and a 600 milliliter soft drink have an average price of 101.24 pesos per person, while a year ago it was just 94 pesos. To purchase two quesadillas and a soft drink of the same size, or a small glass of water, Mexicans must spend around 80 pesos, eight pesos more than in October of the previous year.

For its part, The average cost of a cake in the Mexican capital is 65 pesos, whether ham, leg, cheese, egg or sausage. If the customer wants more than one ingredient, the price can increase between five or 10 pesos.

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“He We have been planning price increases for a month. We endured everything we could, but it is no longer affordable for us and that is why we will increase the price of each taco by five pesos,” said Armando Anzures, manager of a taqueria in the Iztapalapa mayor’s office. He added that although in recent months he registered a greater influx of customers, he detected that the most consumed were packages or dishes to share.

“People come to us more and more on promotion days, whether with half-price tacos or free soda packages. However, the other days of the week we are empty, we don’t even count for the day,” he added.

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