Mexico Sub 17 ties with Venezuela in the World Cup; Your qualification is complicated – El Sol de México

The Selection of Mexico Sub 17 missed his first victory in the world. In what he painted as a party with everything in his favor, The Aztec team ended up equaling two goals against Venezuela thanks to an error by goalkeeper Bedolla in the last moments of the game. Despite playing almost the entire match with a numerical advantage, the Mexicans did not take advantage Such a situation to tie the score and the pass to the round of 16 becomes complicated.

After the national team was exhibited in his debut against Germany, this match began rowing against the current from minute six, this courtesy of Alejandro Chichero. Just as it happened against the Teutons, Mexico was a victim of the statue. A corner kick opened the possibility for the Venezuelans to go ahead. The almost two-meter tall striker had no problem finishing inside the area to open the bookmark.

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Raúl Chabrand was unable to decipher the match, however, the national team found fortune in the 40th minute. A fast counterattack that looked good was cut off with a strong foul by Giovanny Sequera, the same one that cost him the red card.

Mexico turned to the attack and Stephano Carrillo tied the shares at the start of the complement. Not satisfied with the tie, Luis Ortiz put the Aztecs ahead. With a shot from the boundaries of the area that slipped into the Sánchez’s goal for 2-1.

Almost at the end of the meetingVinotinto seemed knocked out. But just as the Tricolor revived with a referee call, they had a second wind thanks to an error by the national goalkeeper. In his attempt to cut a center into the areathe goalkeeper from AmericaPedro Bedolla hit a rival and gave away a penalty.

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Nicola Profeta did not waste the opportunity and redeemed the maximum penalty for the goal that closed the tie between both nations. Now the Mexican National Team will have to take out the calculator to aspire to the next round. All after having arrived as one of the favorites for the title.

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