Mexico, the country that snatches futures – El Sol de México

By Cynthia Sacal

How ironic that on April 29, one day before Children’s Day, the discovery of a clandestine crematorium among the mountains of Iztapalapa was revealed. In addition to identifications of women, notebooks of boys and girls were found. In a country like Mexico, peace can be hindered by a lack of respect for human life, and unfortunately it cannot be estimated how many bodies there are in that area. What can be confirmed is that the ash was still hot, which suggests that most likely, one night before its discovery, that place was still in operation.

April 30, Ceci Flores, founding president of Searching Mothers of Sonora and Mexico, posted on her official X account (formerly Twitter) that searching mothers asked her to go to Iztapalapa because there were probably human remains. The Sonora Searching Mothers Collective was created in 2019 thanks to Ceci, as a result of the disappearance of her three children and the lack of help from the authorities.

“Thank you to everyone who told me where there could be remains, and I repeat, I am not looking for justice, just for a mother to know where to tuck her child in for the last time,” said Ceci, acknowledging that justice will probably not be achieved, especially when they requested helps the National Guard for security and they did not show up that day.

One of the most important things to highlight is that boys’ and girls’ shoes, clothing and notebooks were found. What world do we have to live in so that there are people who do not care at all about the lives of beings as pure as infants who probably did not even understand what was about to happen?

In order to build peace, you must start from below, from the root, and that root is childhood. I can’t think of a more perfect definition of peace than boys and girls, in whom there is not even an ounce of evil; nothing but innocence.

All deaths are regrettable, but harming children is one of the darkest things that can be done. No death is justified, but even less so are theirs.

Mexico is taking away all the life they had ahead of them, and their mothers, the opportunity to see them grow up.

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