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Tegucigalpa, Honduras.- It was a tragic night in the Honduran capital. Mexico did not exist in the Chelato Uclés stadium and it was exhibited by a catracha selection that did not remain silent at home. Santiago Giménez did not shoot once, Raúl Jiménez lacked options and Julián Quiñones had a gray debut.

The defense failed and Ochoa was injured. Everything was a disaster. Now the Tricolor will have to come back against the Azteca and score at least three goals if they want to go to the Copa América. 2-0, final.

The visitor moved the ball from the beginning of the game. The Tricolor wanted to make the match their own. Although Mexico had possession, they did not take too many risks and did not have any dangerous options at any time.

The local team did not give up and was combative. The H also appeared with a shot from its star Antony Lozano. In that way he disturbed everyone and the company of his fans. The Chelato Uclés was painted white in its entiretybut that scenario did not intimidate the tricolors, although the bad news arrived very quickly. Guillermo Ochoa had to come off as a substitute. The goalkeeper could not continue due to a shoulder injury and Ángel Malagón had to go into emergency relief.

The guardian of the Águilas del América did not take long to receive his welcome in an official match. With a few minutes on the field he conceded a goal. Palma leaked a ball through the center. César Montes did not react and Choco nailed it over the goalkeeper. The Getafe striker from Spain opened everything to the misfortune of our team.

Mexico wanted to react, but La H did not let it. No attacker could do anything. Orbelín Pineda and Hirving Lozano touched the ball very little and Santiago Giménez had no options. That was difficult. On the other side they were even able to score two more goals, but one was saved by Malagón and the other by Jesús Gallardo on the line. Everything could have been worse.

In the complement, The Mexican need to go for a visiting goal cornered the home team, besieged them, but in the last stretch they did not know how to do anything. That power was not reflected on the scoreboard. The opposite is true on the Honduran side. One more and they extended their advantage with Rochez. That easy.

Quiñones’ gray debut with Mexico

Julián Quiñones made his debut and couldn’t do anything in 20 minutes. Raúl Jiménez entered and was not decisive either. The tricolor attackers did not exist in the Honduran capital. That, coupled with defensive errors, caused a hard fall in Tegucigalpa. Now Mexico will have to come back in the Coloso de Santa Úrsula. He has no choice if he wants to reach the Copa América.

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