Mexico’s lawsuit against Ecuador will take years to be resolved: Universidad Iberoamericana – El Sol de México

The complaint that will be imposed by the Government of Mexico before the International Court of Justice It will take years to resolveWell, the authority have other cases before evaluating If the raid on the Mexican Embassy in Quito, Ecuadorit is their judicial responsibility.

“It is not going to be in the current administration. The case is legally bogged down. The Court will have to evaluate and then rule on whether it has jurisdictionthat although in a strict sense we would say, it is up to you, this is part of the process, we know when it will start, but not when it will end,” he assured in an interview with The Sun of Mexico, the teacher in Diplomatic Studies, Aribel Contreras, also a professor at the Universidad Iberoamericana.

He stressed that Mexico will put on the table in the International Court the violation of article 22 of the Vienna Conventionwhich states that no diplomatic mission of any state can be violated.

“We saw the images that the Ecuadorian police entered by force, they struggled, they even physically hurt the diplomatic personnel and they outraged to one person with political asylum. The Ecuadorian government is going to be arguing that Mexico violated the third article of the Caracas Agreement, the first article of the Montevideo Convention and article 41 of the Vienna Convention, regarding assign political asylum to someone who is a fugitive from justice“Contreras emphasized.

It can take up to years, before this trial there are others that the International Court is hearing.Aribel Contreras, master in Diplomatic Studies.

The specialist said that the case between Mexico and Ecuador will be defined by 15 judges of the International Court of Justice, who at the time will have to resolve and rule on what each country violated in relation to international standards and issue, in due course, a ruling.

“It may take up to years, we do not have certainty, because before this trial there are others that the International Court is hearing, such as the issue of Venezuela and the territory of Essequibo and Guyana, South Africa is suing Israel for genocide issues, Nicaragua is has spoken out in denouncing Germany, then There are other lawsuits that are in line“, said.

What would happen if the International Court of Justice rules in favor of Mexico?

In the event that the International Court of Justice rules in favor of Mexico, the Government of Ecuador must pay a monetary sum like damage repaira figure that will be determined by the corresponding judicial authorities.

“They are sanctions of different kinds, from the decrease to the political stature of Ecuador in international mechanisms, monetary sanctionssanctions that possibly entail economic and political aspects. It has to repair the damage from a political, diplomatic and economic point of view,” international affairs specialist Fausto Pretelin told El Sol de México.

Pretelin highlighted that The assault on the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador goes beyond the complaint that the López Obrador government will present and emphasized that Mexican diplomacy is more dogmatic than state.

“It is gangster diplomacy, provocative. President López Obrador seems to be a judge and he decides who are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Mexico is defending confessed criminals Since he is Jorge Glas and Mexico, he should not get involved at all,” commented the specialist.

A sanction will benefit President Noboa, so that these situations do not happen again.Adalberto Santana, researcher at UNAM.

Regarding resuming diplomatic relations between the governments of Mexico and Ecuador, the internationalist explained that this López Obrador government must end, so that the new administration take action on the matter and consider or not, reopen diplomatic relations with the Ecuadorian authorities.

“The López Obrador government has to end, it is a fact that they will not be resumed with him, but we will see what will happen in the future,” stressed Fausto Pretelin.

The internationalist emphasized that Ecuador after raiding our Embassy will go through “international isolation” and Mexico will also be in the shadows for intervening in cases that concern the Ecuadorian authorities.

Adalberto Santana Hernández, from the UNAM Research Center on Latin America and the Caribbean, told El Sol de México that this is a very great opportunity to visualize what happened at the Mexican Embassy in Ecuador so that it is not repeated nowhere in the world.

“It will benefit the fact that a resolution favorable to Mexico and a sanction for President Noboa is issued, that these situations will not be repeated not only in Latin America, but in the world, and that is a task that he has now. the International Court,” commented the researcher.

What is the International Court of Justice?

The International Court of Justice belongs to the United Nations Organization. Was founded in 1945 for resolve disputes in accordance with international standards that are submitted by the States and resolve opinions on legal issues.

The International Court has different short-term cases lined up that it must resolve before the case of Mexico and Ecuador, such as the occupation of Palestine by Israel, the obligations of States with respect to climate change and the application of the International Convention to resolve damages. derived from the war between Russia and Ukraine.

This It will be the second time that Mexico goes to the International Court of Justice in 20 years. In 2003, after several failed and interrupted negotiations with the United States to assist Mexicans arrested in the American Union, our country turned to the International Court. The ruling was issued in 2004 in favor of Mexico.

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