Minors disappear for 48 hours due to Tik Tok challenge: Sinaloa Prosecutor’s Office – El Sol de México

A minor was reported as missing and located after passing 48 hours outside his house in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, as reported by the prosecutor Sara Bruna Quiñónez Estrada, who mentioned that this case could be a viral challenge on TikTok.

The head of the organization investigation He recalled that the child’s relatives alerted the authorities about absence.

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Given this, a operational and the minor was located wandering the streets of the municipal seat of Ahome.

“You have to be very careful and above all restrict the use of the cell phones and above all, restrict the content they see“warned the fiscal.

While is true that Quiñónez Estrada He said that it could be a incidence for this challengecommented that the data to the research portfolio.

He highlighted the nonexistence of reports by incidents referents to this challenge.

Challenge to disappear 48 hours

Sara Bruna revealed that, as understood by the FGE about this challengeit’s a kind of game where the minors are climbing in the type of challenges they undertake.

He said the last one is the most intrusive and consists of the fact that the participant must disappear for 48 hours.

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“If children are captivated for these types of challenges, because we have to take them even to therapy so that they can master that trend which is very harmful and may damage your integrity“he added.

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