Miss Universe 2023: Jane Garrett from Nepal is the first ‘plus size’ candidate of the contest – El Sol de México

He Saturday, November 18 the contest will be held Miss Universe 2023whose preliminary stage already left the audience speechless, well, it seems that the 72nd edition will break with some beauty stereotypes that for years have characterized the contest.

Although a couple of years ago inclusion was achieved with the entry of trans women, the models continued under the same standard of thinness. However, this year, during the preliminary round of the contest, the one who stole the spotlight was Miss Nepal Well, she is the first contestant.pluz size‘.

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With a big smile and modeling a platinum gray one-piece swimsuit, Jane Garrett paraded in the Miss Universe stage that serves to present the participants of the pageant that could become the next miss Universe.

Who is Jane Garrett and what is the message she brings to Miss Universe?

Miss Nepal, Jane Dipika Garretthas 22 years old forks profession nurse. Because of this, he usually does altruistic work in hospitals, especially with children.

“It’s time to break the stigmas this world has on people who don’t ‘fit in.’ We are all human, we deserve love, and we are worthy of love and acceptance. That is humanity. Be human,” he posted on his Instagram account with a video of his work.

In September of this year she was the first womanplus size‘in participating in the national beauty pageant in nepalwhich gave her the title of Miss in this Asian country.

Her message, both on social networks and in the competitions in which she participates, is acceptance and “self-love.” Even in her speech where she was crowned “Miss Nepal,” she highlighted that she was there to represent those who do not meet socially imposed beauty standards.

“As a curvy woman who doesn’t meet certain beauty standards, I’m here to represent women who struggle with weight gain, who struggle with hormonal issues. I believe there is no single standard type of beauty, but every woman is beautiful just the way she is,” she noted.

Furthermore, on several occasions he has commented on his problems with the polycystic ovary syndromeHormonal problem in women can lead to many other problems such as irregularity in menstrual cycles and weight gain.

When I walked down the catwalk of the Miss Universe 2023 preliminary I was quiet and insecure, but now I am standing here, strong and sure of myself, I love myself, I have forgiven myself, all the pain is gone and “That for me is success,” she said during her time at the competition in her country, after being asked what success means to her.

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And in his passage through the preliminary of Miss Universe 2023 He managed to attract attention for his safety and the representativeness for which he has fought so hard.


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