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One of the stages preferred by the public that follows the contest miss Universe is the parade traditional costumesin which the contestants represent some of the most representative characteristics of their country through designs made exclusively for the gala.

Among colorful and vibrant costumes that represented urban landscapes, as well as national flowers and animals, the contestants paraded across the stage. However, not all the costumes were liked by the public because the meaning was not clear.

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What were the worst traditional costumes at Miss Universes 2023?

Miss Germany

The German candidate Helena Bleicher She was inspired by the story of Rapunzel for her typical costume, but the design was not convincing to the public, since on social networks they stated that this outfit was a costume and not representative of the country.

Miss Guyana

The colorful design that it wore Lisa Andrea Narine was inspired by Guyana ecosystems, but to represent it she used a cart full of flowers and when paraded it seemed that it was too heavy for the model to carry it easily. Additionally, at the beginning she had some difficulties due to the size of her suit.

Miss Nepal

Although in the preliminaries of the contest Miss Nepal She was one of the favorite candidates, because of the confidence she showed when parading in a swimsuit, and because break stereotypes By becoming the first plus size model to participate, the typical costume she wore was not the favorite.

While his suit sent a strong message about the war, for some people the hat that simulated a nuclear explotion It seemed like something more than that.

Miss Ireland

The suit he wore Aishah Akodere It was inspired by a Celtic goddess of the sea and its objective was to raise awareness of the importance of taking care of the waters, especially Irish waters. However, the all-blue locker room was not conclusive with the message.

Miss Trinidad and Tobago

The model Faith Gillezeaurepresentative of Trinidad and Tobago, wore a completely red dress in allusion to the “Scarlet Ibis”, the national bird of the Caribbean country. And although she met her goal, the aspiring Miss Universe 2023 He paraded on stilts that diverted the public’s attention from the meaning.

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And after all the tests, this Saturday, November 18, the participant who will take the crown of the contest will be determined. Miss Universe 2023


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