Monarch sanctuaries open in Michoacán; They expect 600 million pesos in economic benefits – El Sol de México

SENGUIO. The three sanctuaries of the monarch butterfly from the eastern region of Michoacan state They opened their doors yesterday visitors and tourists with what they expect economic spill of at least 600 million pesos.

The secretary of Tourism of the state, Roberto Monroy García, indicated that they anticipate the arrival of more than half a million tourists nationals and foreigners to visit the Sierra Chincua sanctuaries, located in the municipality of Angangueo; El Rosario, in Ocampo, and Senguio in this season that will end in March.

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During a press conference, the state official explained that the Senguio sanctuary It is connected to Sierra Chincua, located in a strategic point, since it is the closest to the State of Mexico and Morelia; However, he acknowledged that since it is the newest to open to the public, it still lacks infrastructure.

“In that place the marking of the vehicles and the ziplinesa, while in Sierra Chincua work is being done on electrification to be able to bring electricity and Internet,” said the Secretary of Tourism.

Monroy Garcia He hoped that this year there will be more tourism to visit the monarch butterfly and expects visitors from the United States, Spain, Germany, Colombia and Canada to return.

Gustavo Mejía, who has been as tourist guidesaid that this year’s migration was delayed, since butterflies usually arrive at the beginning of November and this year they arrived two weeks later.

“It is due to the low temperatures or the instability in the environment at cause of hurricaneslike the case of Otis,” commented the service provider.

He tourist guide He also regretted that despite the fact that there is more security from the authorities, ant logging still exists: “Families sporadically go up to take firewood for their daily activities.”

In that sense, the president of the Advisory Council of the Biosphere Reserve of the Monarch Butterfly and president of the Senguio ejido commissionerate, Luis Fernando Luna Torres, called on the state government to support with the environmental payments and strengthen the Monarch Fund which are important for the 70 ejidos in the area to quickly access resources and be able to conserve the place, and stressed that it is important to control illegal logging and indiscriminate planting of avocado:

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“That anyone who attacks the natural resources”. For his part, Governor Alfredo Ramírez Bedolla admitted that for 20 years there has been a debt of one million dollars from the Monarch Fund with which forestry services are paid, but assured that next year the mountain will be labeled so that the Forestry Commission of Michoacán (Cofom) deliver said resource.

“The presence of the monarch butterfly is a message of vital importance to conserve the forests, if the butterfly ceased to exist it means that the forests disappeared and the next species to disappear would be us,” reflected the state president.

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