Monterrey humiliates Messi’s Inter Miami to advance in the Concachampions – El Sol de México

Soccer has those things that make the imagination fly. The return of the quarterfinals between Striped and Inter Miami was played twice; the first, in the minds of the fans, who imagined what the match would be like with Lionel Messi on the field and the possibility, always latent, that the Argentine dressed as a hero. The second, however, already in reality, It was far from that, Messi was far from the epic of other nights. Monterrey dominated the match from start to finish and made their way to the semifinals with a resounding 3-1, 5-2 overall.

Of course, Messi’s presence gave the game that feeling of a special night, from the stands to the lamps. People came to BBVA with the certainty of being about to experience a party, although it is true that you rarely know which side of history you will be on, that is only intuited.

With the caution typical of someone who has Messi in front, the striped fan encouraged his team with some tension when the game was still at hand. thanks to the genius of the Argentine. Again the hypothetical scenarios, because on the field it was Monterrey that dominated.

Standing well in the background, the “Tano” team did not need much to put Miami in trouble. Vázquez and Berterame gave some warnings and only Messi, with a shot that he tried to put in the corner, generated some danger on the stroke of half an hour.

As always happens, the story of an epic night went overboard thanks to the antagonist of every story. If Messi was looking to dress up as a hero, goalkeeper Callender made one of those mistakes. He tried to come out from the bottom but his ball found other people’s feet and Vázquez did not waste the gift. The 1-0 score relaxed the nerves of the fans, but the tension did not completely go away.

The weather and Rayados’ good record made Inter desperate. Suárez and Alba tried to intimidate the referee, but Barton didn’t let up. The locals were already convinced that the party would have to be theirs, Berterame ended the game in the 58th minute, with a powerful shot from the edge of the area that left the goalkeeper with no options. Six minutes later Gallardo increased the lead after a new error at the start.

With a four-goal deficit on aggregate, Messi went from needing a feat to requiring a miracle. Not even his deity-like qualities, however, could prevent defeat. Not even Diego Gómez’s goal, at 85, when Inter was playing with 10 after the expulsion of a desperate Jordi Alba, lit the fuse.

Rayados celebrated his pass just one night after the elimination of Tigres, and it is already known that when that happens, victories taste double. Monterrey will face the Columbus Crew in the semifinals, the only American team left alive.

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