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Of the 19 Ecuadorian people what did you recieve political asylum in Mexico during the president’s administration Andrés Manuel López Obradorthree signed contracts with Brunette and another is a beneficiary of the Welfare Pension for Seniors.

As published The Sun of Mexico last Sundayof From 2019 to 2023, the federal government granted political asylum to seven former officials of the presidency of Rafael Correa. Some came to the country with their families.

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Last year, two of the asylum seekers signed a contract with the National Executive Committee (CEN) of Brunette to print party agendas.

Edwin Leonardo Jarrín Jarrín, one of the former assembly members of Ecuador asylum seekers in Mexicois a representative of the company Taktika Mundo SA de CV Gabriela Alejandra Rivadeneira Burbano, former president of the National Assembly of Ecuador, who also received political asylum, is a partner in the same company.

Early 2023 the company signed a contract with Morena to print two thousand copies of the 2023 Agenda of the party’s National Executive Committee, for an amount of 482,560 pesos.

This contract is public on the National Transparency Platform. According to the Public Registry of Commerce, Taktika Mundo SA de CV was legally established in 2020.

During his asylum in Mexico, Rivadeneira Burbano has also worked as director of the Eloy Alfaro Institute for Democracy (IDEAL)“a think tank dedicated to research and generation of knowledge and exchange of successful governance practices for the training and formation of new political leadership in Latin America,” says its website.

The former Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa He is honorary president of said institute and his collaborators are politicians from Latin America. Among them, the senator and secretary general of BrunetteCitlalli Hernández.

Today Mexico’s complaint against Ecuador is presented at the International Court of Justice

Authors such as Jesus Ramirez Cuevasspokesperson for the Presidency of the Republicwho wrote the chapter Communication in the Fourth Transformationin the book The truth we choose to see: communication and power in Latin America (October, 2023).

She is also a collaborator of IDEAL María Soledad Buendía Herdoizaanother of the Ecuadorian asylum seekers in Mexicowho was an assemblyman for the Pichincha Province of the National Assembly of Ecuador. The former legislator considers Mexico and the government of the 4T as references in Latin America.

In the informative blog on the page IDEAL There are texts on regional policy that highlight the work of the 4Tsuch as the gender proposals of Clara Brugadastandard bearer of Morena to the Head of Government of Mexico City.

The ruling party does not have “agreements, agreements, contracts or any other document that supports any relationship between Morena and the Eloy Alfaro Institute for Democracy“, as stated by the National Executive Committee of the political force icing on the cake in a transparency response, dated September 2022.

Another of the asylum seekers is Carlos Eloy Viteri Gualinga, former national assemblyman Ecuador, advocate of Human rights and of indigenous peoples. His political asylum in Mexico was approved in January 2020.

Two political asylum seekers from Ecuador provided agendas to Morena’s CEN and another provided advisory services to the party

By 2022, The former assemblyman taught courses on the political situation in Ecuador at the National Institute of Political Training (INFP) of Morena and last year, Viteri Gualinga signed three contracts for fees with the CEN of Morena for auxiliary services in political activities.

The first contract was valid from January 1 to March 31 of 2023. A second contract lasted from April 1 to April 30, and the third contract was from May 1 to June 30 of the same year. During this period he received a remuneration of 150 thousand pesosthat is, a salary of 25 thousand pesos monthly.

Gabriela Rivadeneira, Edwin Jarrin, Soledad Buendia and Carlos Viteli They are former assembly members who were part of the Citizen revolutiona political project characterized by its left-wing ideas and progressive implemented in the correista management.

In 2019, the then president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, a political persecution began against former officials runners and in the midst of a series of riots in QuitoIn October of the same year, the politicians took refuge under the diplomatic protection of the Mexican embassy in Ecuador. Three months later They acquired asylum in Mexico.

The same fate befell Ricardo Armando Patiño Aroca, who was the owner of Ministry of Economy and Finance; of Defending; and of Foreign Relations and Human Mobility of Ecuadorand is another of the political asylum seekers in Mexico.

This character has not had a working relationship with Brunettebut he is one of the beneficiaries of the Welfare Pension for Seniors. According to Single Register of BeneficiariesPatiño Aroca began to receive this government support in the November-December 2023 two-month period.

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In the Rules of Operation of the Pension Program for the Well-being of the Elderly It is established that the target population is “all adults aged 65 years or older, Mexican by birth or naturalization, with current domicile in the Mexican Republic.”

The Sun of Mexico consulted the National Population Registry (Renapo) and confirmed that Ricardo Armando Patiño Aroca obtained his naturalization as a Mexican in 2022.

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