Morenista expresses solidarity with Adrián Rubalcava: “they betrayed you” – El Sol de México

The candidate for Morena’s candidacy for mayor Magdalena Contreras, Fernando Mercado, expressed his solidarity with Adrián Rubalcava, who resigned from the PRI after the Front announced Santiago Taboada as its only candidate for Mexico City.

On social networks, the Morenista stated that the best candidate option for the PRI, PAN and PRD alliance was the mayor of Cuajimalpa with a license.

“I sympathize with the decision you make, I was in your place and I understand your feelings, they betrayed you and thousands of people who trusted in your project, if the front had a choice, I am sure it was with you,” he wrote in X.

Fernando Mercado, who seeks to govern Magdalena Contreras mayor again, criticized the national leaders of the three alliance parties for not taking into account the political profile of the participants.

“The opposition leaders have decided on his candidacy without taking into account the profile of a good politician, consistent with their principles,” he added.

The message occurred after Adrián Rubalcava announced his resignation from the PRI and denounced an act of betrayal by the national leader of the tricolor, Alejandro Moreno, and the presidential candidate, Xóchitl Gálvez.

The candidate for the head of government reiterated that the polls of the last few hours positioned him above Santiago Taboada, which, he stated, was not taken into account.

“I am leaving the PRI because its leadership betrays the principles and if that is how they plan to win; they are lost because they are lying to the citizens,” he said at a conference.

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