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The journalists Peruvians Luis del Valle and Guillermo Galdós they met the families LeBaron, Langford and Miller, in November 2019, when they covered Channel 4 Newsfrom England, of the attack in which three women and six children died.

Since then they maintained contact, because they knew that there was more to this atrocious event than just news. Now they release the documentary Mormon Massacrewith unpublished material from the families themselves and investigations after the attack.

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In the production that premieres this April 11 at the Max platformfamily members, as well as two young survivors of the attack, Devin and Kylie Langford, and the commander of the Municipal police from La Morita, Christian Martínez, one of the three officers from the region, among others, provide testimony of what they experienced on November 4, 2019, when three vans were attacked with bullets and set on fire, apparently by the organized crime.

Rhonita Miller with her children, the twins Titus and Tiana, Krystal, and Howard; Christina Langford with her baby Faith and Dawna Langford, with her children Kylie, Devin, Trevor, McKenzie, Xander, Cody, Rogan, Jake, and Brixton, were going from La Morita to the LeBaron neighborhood, when they were attacked, on the borders of Sonora and Chihuahua.

In the first hours, the families only found one burned vehicle and later in the night, they found the other two and the survivors.

For hours, members of the three families searched for the victims. Progress was communicated through WhatsApp messages, and even a video of the first burned-out vehicle they found went viral. The reporters had access to this material, and lived with the families to carry out this documentary film.

“This is a very significant job for them, they wanted to make the world known about the tragedy what had happened and the demand for justice. We have collected all that and we have contributed from our position as filmmakers to making a portrait of that story in the most reliable way possible,” Luis del Valle, producer of Pacha Filmsdirector of the series of four episodes.

Cecilia Abrahamdirector of Unscripted Content for Latin America and US Hispanic at Max, warns that a documentary film Since this does not have as its objective “the search for justice”, what they pursue is “to inform, generate a message, knowledge about issues of Latin American society, the idea is that the rest of Latin America sees it, it is an issue that happened here, but unfortunately it could happen anywhere in the region, we try to generate a reflection, beyond the fact that there is a crime here and there is no doubt about that, the doubt is why and who committed it.”

After years of relationship with the families, adds Guillermo Galdós, producer of Pacha Films who lived for several months prior to the realization of the documentary film in La Morita with the Langford and Miller families, they do not present any conclusion with this audiovisual.

“These are the facts that we found and the viewer discerns and thinks ‘ah, I think it was like that, or it was this way’, we do not print that opinion in our documentaries and we have not had any agenda either, the interest was to do the best possible investigation, present the case in the best way and give a voice to all those involved.”

“We were clear that there were many questions,” he adds. Luis del Valle. “That is one of the central aspects regarding narratives, where there are unresolved questions, there are the stories that are richer and lend themselves to being approached from a different perspective. documentary film. It was an investigation of approximately eight months and throughout the realization we continued investigating, because there are many things that one discovers along the way and that has to be tied together in some way,” says the producer.

For Guillermo Galdós, “What was most striking was the place where the slaughter, who the victims were and the fact that President Trump had heated up the political issue in the United States and the Republicans wanting to designate the Criminal organizations Mexican women as terrorists, that changed history a little, because it is not the only massacre that has occurred in Mexico.

“We interviewed the prosecutor in charge of the case, for security reasons, it was not an easy topic, but the Prosecutor’s Office was willing to contrast what we had investigated with what they were investigating. As a journalist, I was shocked by the speed and importance given to it. It is not a resolved case yet, but there are people arrested, there is progress.

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“The two colonies, LeBaron and that of La Mora, they have lived there for many years, before the arrival of the organized crimethat’s why I think they have been able to stay there, and have suffered the consequences of the violence Like any ordinary Mexican, what impressed me most was the resilience of these families,” Galdós concluded.

Fernando Sugueno, vice president of VP Contents for Warner Bros Discovery Mexico, points out that “it is important to have content that takes us a little out of this reality that has us anesthetized, suddenly it is just another case, the way they told the story, I think it would not have been better, we premiere with the certainty that “It will touch each one in a different way and with different feelings.”

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